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Television With No Borders
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- - - Now you can have it all, -- MAKE YOUR HOME, Yacht , Apartment, Night Club or Office complex your own telephone and broadcasting station, with a Villa Web World Webcasting Facility.

___The Total Value Plans from SmartPhone800 Universal Office and Smart WebWorld, includes everything you need to run a Webcasting broadcasting station and telephone connection center -- all at an affordable price.
___ Act now to take advantage of this great value from America's finest SmartPhone / WebServer Connection Center.
___ Value Plans from SmartPhone800, feature all of the help you'll ever need -- from "Genie". She'll help you handle your local and nationwide long distance calls and faxes and LookRadio will handle your webcasts. You can even receive your streaming video, faxes and voice messages as e-mail if you like.
___ Genie's favorite job, is screening your calls, letting you know who is calling. Your calls can follow you anywhere you are. -- all at an affordable price.


Television With No Borders
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More - "Sam Butera"
Why Not Televise Your Television Shows and Radio Programing On The Internet -- Today?
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VillaWebWorld - Your One Stop Webcasting Specialist

Television With No Borders



Webcast your Concert, Night Club Acts or television show performances on the net. You can now, telecast your shows live or video on demand playbacks, on the internet.
-----If you are in Pasadena, Beijing, Las Vegas, Hollywood or anywhere else around the world, you're in luck VillaWebWorld is just a CLICK AWAY, so we can provide high speed data connections to the net at astonishing rates. Don't believe us? Give us a ring and try us out. You have nothing to lose.

$195 per month for Clear Digital Access, (28k and 56k). This plan is designed especially for 28k and 56k Digital Broadcasting and Digital recording.

$650 per month. This provides SMOOTH broadcast quality DSL or T1 access. Each Digital Access service includes the S90tv Broadband Video Access Port. The S90tv Support and Monitoring Broadband Internet Access is included with VillaWebWorld Plans. The Access cost to the interest will be provided by the Gentleman's clubs DSL or Cable Network connections to our servers.

Plan C: CLEAR ACCESS WITH s90tv Camera's: $2,000 per month per camera. This provides a Clear Crisp SMOOTH pictures of your acts 24 hours a day.

VillaWebWorld OFFERINGS include 24 hour per day Video Internet Closed Circuit Television Video Conferencing Digital Broadcasting

  • VillaWebWorld PRODUCT LINE

    Smart90 Server's Technology allows VillaWebWorld to stream video to your desktop right from your Gentleman's Club. If you want to use your existing DSL, cable or T1 wired systems provided by Verizon, AT&T or your local Cable supplier, you can ... or you can install a new Line with VillaWebWorld.

    VillaWebWorld can do that for you. The Smart.Servers that VillaWebWorld provides do what you have always dreamed... to be able to watch your cameras from ANYWHERE in the world! Just think of the possibilities! If you have 3 clubs and you don't want to even go into work, you can just watch from the comfort of your own home. Being able to see where your security lacks, or when you need more assistance behind the counters is all made possible by the VillaWebWorld SmartCam. No more getting phone calls telling you that you need more help in your clubs. This can provide better service to both the employee and also the consumer! Want to review a selected time period of your choice?

    No problem. VillaWebWorld also provides digital archiving with S90tv camera's that include a DV Mini tapedeck that records every dance scene. That's right, we can digitally archive your club. We have dedicated servers that collect images from your video server 24 hours a day and store them on our massive storages devices. All you have to do is log in, and put in the time, and the computers play back to you in motion your videos!


    If you are just looking for a simple solution
    to broadcast from your Gentleman's Club, this is the setup that is right for you! The S90tv Camera's offered by VillaWebWorld are developed to "plug n play"! Basically you just plug it into your existing Ethernet network, assign it an IP, and you already running. Want to make this live video stream available on your website? Even easier! Just insert the video stream into your website like seen on the S90tv page, and you up and running!

    Choose From the Following Options -

    Video Servers Camera Servers
    Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

    The Streaming S90tv Network smart camera system utilizing only major branded camera's that guarantees a Crisp, quality images and streaming video from anywhere on your network. S90tv Camera is a Plug and View™ digital camera with direct network connections. A computer is not required &endash; the camera operates stand-alone and can be placed wherever there is a firwire connection or if you are using the wireless systems provided by McFarline or Apple's Airport wireless system.


    S90tv's Network Camera System.
    A complete video broadcasting system with a built-in web server, a DV Mini tape recorder, and hi-tech controlled camera. Camera is all you need to keep a visual track of events taking place at your Gentleman's club. And of course - it is the perfect tool for any web attraction, promotion and have course, 24 hours advertising throughout the world! With no computer required for transmitting your images from the camera - you're just a click away from a real live webcast from any TV set connected to the internet around the world. More Information about the S90tv system email; info@VillaWebWorld.com.

  • VillaWebWorld
    323 462-1099
    Email: info@VillaWebWorld.com

  • Respectfully ,
    By Bernie Swartz,
    TeleKey Group

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00 - Sam Butera - I'm Just A Gigalo


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