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Rasandich's WebSide Humor
Television With No Borders
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". . . In an unrelated story . . . Dan Rather was once again attacked by unknown assailants outside CBS headquarters . . . one of them was heard yelling -- "What's the website, Kenneth?!"

See Donna Jeffries in "The Surf NBA100 Webcast"

TVI Magazine "WebSide Humor"
Dan Rosandich

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----V ". . . IN an unrelated story . . . Dan Rather was once again attacked by unknown assailants outside CBS headquarters . . . one of them was heard yelling -- "What's the website, Kenneth?!"

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----V Gary Grant new commemortyU.S.A. Postage Stamps

"We Preserve The Moments"
Peter "Last Picture Show" Bogdanovich,
By Larry Leverett & Donna Jeffries
------November 15, 2002: Peter "Last Picture Show" Bogdanovich, who graciously invited us into his home to interview him for our "Hollywood Beat" show, is still hot off his recently released film "The Cat's Meow" &endash; which dealt with the mysterious death in 1924 of Hollywood producer Thomas Ince aboard William Randolph Hearst's yacht. Bogdanovich will now turn his attention to a movie about a Hollywood actress who died under what many still consider to be mysterious circumstances aboard a yacht in 1980.
------ The upcoming project will deal with the mystery surrounding the death of Natalie Wood (whom Larry worked with along with her husband Robert Wagner and their children, when Larry was in charge of the Hollywood Christmas Parade many years ago). The three hour TV movie for ABC is based on the book "Natasha" (Wood's birth name) by Suzanne Finstad. Wood drowned after tumbling into the ocean while trying to get into an inflatable boat from the 60-foot yacht following an argument one night with her husband Robert Wagner. Actor Christopher Walken was also on board that night. The famed star of films such as "West Side Story", "Gypsy" and "Inside Daisy Clover", will be portrayed by actress Justine Waddell, who has appeared in "Mansfield Park" and "Dracula 2000".
------Robert De Niro has been selected to receive AFI's LifeTime Acheivment Award. The two-time Academy Award winning star will be honored at a tribute on June 12 in Hollywood at the Kodak Theatre. "Robert De Niro is one of the greatest actors of his generation", said Howard Stringer chairman of the AFI board of trustees. "In a career that includes over 60 motion pictures, De Niro's sense of commitment to the character &endash; both mentally and physically - has changed the way we look at an actors contribution to the art form". De Niro won his first Oscar for the supporting role of young Don Corleone in 1974's "The Godfather Part II". He later won as best actor in his role as boxer Jake La Motta in Martin Scorsese's "Raging Bull". The event will be telecast later on the USA Network. (continued).
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By Larry Leverett & Donna Jeffries

(Continued): Peter "Last Picture Show" Bogdanovich
------Hollywood has been an unhappy movie land lately with all the streets being blocked off for the shooting of three major films &endash; One of them is "Hollywood Homicide" starring Harrison Ford and Robert Wagner. The shoot has been blocking off most of Hollywood for the last 3 months.
------The Hollywood Western is finally back in the saddle again, with several classic films including "Rio Grande" and "High Noon" recently released on DVD. Also "Magnificent Seven" and "High Noon", co-starring Larry's former client & friend, Lee Van Cleef. Several of these DVD's also feature commentary by the offspring of the stars along with information from the creative behind-the-scenes talent. Talking about Westerns - Ron Howard, seven months after winning the Oscar for his direction of "A Beautiful mind" now has another movie to make. He had planned to remake the "Alamo" then dropped out of the project. Now he is set to direct what his company Imagine Entertainment describes as a suspense story set in the old west. It's based on the novel by Thomas Edison "The Last Ride". Filming will start in March.
------ …And yet a bit more Western influence… During the last weekend of Feb. a special screenwriting seminar will be held at Beverly Garland's Holliday Inn &endash; and it will be hosted by none other than Tom "Billy Jack" Laughlin. The two day seminar will be a special Screenwriting Network Event.
------Our old American Film Market pal actress Linda Blair, (who we learned years ago has been producing films on the side too) has been busy lately as an animal rights activist. Lovely Linda recently strutted down the ramp as a model at a fund-raising fashion show to benefit Actors and Others for Animals. Linda adores critters of all shapes and sizes and has several she has taken under her wing &endash; including her horse Coco, three dogs, and a flock of chickens. With her love and sensitivity of animals it's only natural that she is also a vegetarian. And with all the controversy of what the American public is practically forced to eat these days &endash; pesticides, preservatives, genetically modified organisms, etc. &endash; it's nice to know where you can still get natural, real food as it was meant to be eaten - Linda's favorite restaurants that she recommends are "Real Food Daily" in West Hollywood & Santa Monica, and "Native Foods" in Westwood. Not surprisingly, a host of other well-known celebrities in-the-know also frequent these healthful havens.
------ The unveiling of the new Cary Grant postage stamp was a first-class tribute to Hollywood's leading man. It took place at the ArcLight Cinema on Sunset Boulevard. Grant was best known for starring in classic films such as "An Affair to Remember", and "To Catch a Thief" with Grace Kelly. He also starred in several Alfred Hitchcock films such as "Suspicion", "Notorious" and also "North by Northwest" in 1959 - in which Larry had a silent bit part as a reporter at a phone booth in the train station. Larry was also on the set of Grants last film "Walk Don't Run" in 1969. Grant joins seven other honorees appearing on postage stamps in the Legends of Hollywood Series: Marilyn Monroe (1995), James Dean (1996), Humphrey Bogart (1997), Alfred Hitchcock (1998), James Cagney (1999), Edward G. Robinson (2000), and Lucille Ball (2001).
And that's a wrap, thirty for now!


By Regina Sands

------November 16, 2002: We arrived on location in Bakersfield, CA for the filming of "Stone Man" under the direction of Lucky Brown. I was impressed with the professionalism of the entire staff and crew. It was like being with family, especially the part where I was hugged by actor Pat Morita ("Karate Kid"). (Special thanks to J.R. and Lucky Brown for my appearance in "Stone Man"). To top off the evening we were invited to "Mike's Yellow Pages", a local bar owned by a biker crew member. I was able to squeeze out a few country songs before heading home.


Donna Jeffries
Entertainment/Editor TVI Magazine
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