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• Excerpts From- "The White Paper of Time Constants in WiFi187 Electrical Circuitry"
By: Malcolm D. MacFarlane -


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 A Pete Allman RF Report - Part Two




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• 02. MSU
03.1905 - 1910

Wireless Telephone™ (U.S. Patent No 887,357)



2010/ImagesNBS100/GoogleNBSRFAirwaves108w.jpg1. Feature Story / The NBS100 challenge for the telecom industry is to deliver compelling goods, products and services with clever names at competitive prices, yet with a cash return on investment that improves the bottom line phrase, -- "Paid Over Absolutely."
••• The dream of the grandfather of Troy Cory-Stubblefield, (Nathan B. Stubblefield, 1860-1928) -- was that the space-linked Ether wave emitted from his Wireless Telephone™ -- that could be sucked into telephone land-lines plying his aerial coils, -- would turn his Wireless Telephone™ into a force for good rather than destruction.
••• The power of his Wireless Telephone™ was unraveled on the Internet showing the battlefields in Iraq using iPhones to set off bombs. His space-linked voice-data signals are now sometimes referred to by the FCC as, (Spectrums, Radio Frequencies or RF signals). MORE STORY: The Auto Radio Patent. .
2010/ImagesNBS100/NBSPatent02AutoDraw46w.jpgTHE REGULATORY SEIZURE PROCESS
••• of NBS RF Spectrums, before and even after the declaration of World War I in Europe, (1914-1918) -- and the enactment of both the Clayton Anti-Trust Act of 1914, and Sedition Act of 1917 -- "were and still are, part of the "Corpus and income of his Patent," held in trust by the Patent, Trademark Office," says attorney, Charles Portz of Houston, Texas.
••• Those same NBS RF Spectrums are now being sold at U.S. sponsored FCC auctions. By 2008, and since 1996, over $50-Billion will have been collected from such auctions. The January 2008 FCC auction will be headlining the bid by search engine giant, Google. In 2009, the analog RF wave Spectrum, as we know it today, will be converted to multiple Digital analog RF frequencies. MORE STORY: FCC- The Google's RF Bid / The Converter Box. http://smart90.com/tvimagazine/2007/1507/102NBSAnalogRFends2009.htm
••• The original STUBBLEFIELD FAMILY TRUST was created in 1869, by William Jefferson," Capt. Billy" Stubblefield, of Murray, Kentucky. William, (1830-1874) was an attorney-at-law, a Captain in the Civil War, and an educator who desired to convert his 85-acres of tobacco/cotton farmland, into an industrial school.
••• It was Nathan B. Stubblefield, the son of "Capt. Billy" that carried on his father's traditions and wishes to build a campus on the acreage. As a curious boy, Nathan watched his father utilizing lightening rods during storms to charge the soil mixed with pitchblende to enhance growth of crops, especially watermelons.
••• This education process provided the young Nathan with the essential elements he needed to reverse the space to earth lightening ether wave phenomenon. Nathan perfected his Wireless Telephone™ utilizing the rods as the external link supporting the space-link connection to his grounded electromagnetic force (E.M.F) Earth Cell Batteries.
••• "This process created the necessary virtual ground antenna elements needed to trans-receive wireless voice-data in either, the one-way or two--way broadcasting mode," -- says inventor, Malcolm MacFarlane, President of AET, and a member of the NBS100 Regulatory Study group. "Modern-day developers of aerogels, and solar panels -- have theorize that Nathan's pitchblende, silica soil mix surrounding his earth electrolytic cell battery combo, acted like a sponge sucking up electrons.'
••• His 1902-1908 Wireless Telephone™ transreceivers system was a separate and distinct science. It had its own name, defines, no people memory problems, and no language problems that could produce an "unimpeachable witness." The science is all backed-up by public demonstrations that headlined top scientists of the day, and Patents that became part of a public Trust."
••• His science was based on a continuous E.M.F. that excited and created the kind of oscillating Radio Frequencies carrier that was essential to send continuous voice intones to his aerial, then through space at the speed of 187,000 miles a second, without gaps.
••• It was suggested by the Marconi observers attending Nathan's 1902, Philadelphia/Washington, D.C., Wireless Telephone™ demonstrations, that Nathan should name his voice messages, "etherotalk."
••• But, Nathan's RF voice transmissions were not based on spark gap science such as those ethero waves use by: -- Marconi, Tesla and Fessenden, Their spark related RF dampened devices, transmitted solely the letters of the alphabet, (the Morse Code).
••• The name, "etherographs" -- was coined by Marconi to express the complete Dit-Dah message.
••• Each spark denoted one oscillating E.M.F. Impulse. The spark created by Marconi's motor/battery source connected to the ticker output device, surged his dampened burst to the aerial wire. As the ether wave RF-data oscillations accumulated in the aerial wire, they would then in turn, carry each separate "etherograph" into the atmosphere, at the same speed per second designated to the users of "etherotalk" spectrums.
Images02/murraystatelogos.gif• 02 Teléph-on-délgreen - NOW MSU!
••• It was in 1898, that the 38-year-old, Nathan, his wife, Ada Mae and Clarissa Jones-Stubblefield, his step-mother, established the NBS Industrial School campus at Murray to train telephone related installers. The "Teléph-on-délgreen," campus was established in 1907 to advance his patented Wireless Telephone™ system, granted in 1908. Teléph-on-délgreen, now is the campus of Murray State University.
••• The Family Trust's primary trustees during the 1913 era were: Nathan B., Ada Mae Stubblefield, Clarissa, and attorney/educator, Rainey T. Wells, the founder of the Murray State University campus. At various times during 1927 and 1989, Nathan's children: Bernard Stubblefield, Oliver Ray Jack Stubblefield, (the father of Troy), Nathan Stubblefield, Jr., Helen Stubblefield, Patte Stubblefield and Victoria Stubblefield, acted as Co-Trustees.
••• The last survivors of the NBS Family Trust were inventor, Bernard Stubblefield (1899-1973), and Helen Stubblefield whom in 1973 and 1989, respectfully, left the combined Radio and Family Trust, and the NBS corpus and income of Patents as a whole, to their nephew, Troy Cory-Stubblefield, a resident of Pasadena, California.
••• Troy is the co-founder of several NBS related campuses; Vine Street Video Center, The Rosemont FiWi Internet Center, and the WNBS- LookRadio campus, located in Hollywood, Pasadena, and Murray, Kentucky. (Troy is the son of Oliver Ray Jack Stubblefield, and Priscilla Alden Stubblefield).
••• In 1892, one year before the Bell telephone patent expired, Nathan saw his Wireless Telephone™ and local land-line Telephone Company franchise, as the solution for those areas in the U.S.A. -- that had no electricity or copper land-lines.
••• Needless to say, Nathan's ability to draw great pictorial Patent illustrations depicting the uses for the Wireless Telephone™ -demonstrates his foresight into the future the Wireless Telephone™. No matter what you call it TODAY . . . if its a Cell phone, an iPhone, and it is space-linked to telephonic or cable land-lines, it's Wireless Telephone™ related.
••• The Ethernet-Internet space-linked wired connections used on ships, trains and aircraft, are the same mobile RF spectrums described in Nathan's 1908 Wireless Telephone™ patent, with enhancements.
••• The United States Patent and Trademark Office, is the official fiduciary agency for the grantee. Nathan was granted three TeleCom related Wireless Telephone™ patents. One in 1888, 1898, and 1907, respectfully . . . and he paid the fees personally.
••• What happened after that has been used as the background story-line in several blockbuster feature films: -- "Tucker," "Conspiracy," and "Munich."
••• The corpus of the Patent, a). The income and b). The by-products and services of his three Patents, were seized by Federal regulatory action. Nathan, nor his estate, or the Patent Office fiduciary was ever "paid over absolutely," by any agency of the government for the seizure of his invisible RF voice-data spectrums, that still travel through space at 187,000 miles per second, without gaps.
••• "In fact," says publisher/author, Josie Cory, of the NBS Stubblefield TeleCom Trust, "the corpus and income from the trust" that was seized from Nathan's Patent, was assigned to so many different U.S. fiduciaries from 1910 to 1934, that when Nathan and his son, inventor Bernard Stubblefield, did find out, they were required to vow to secrecy, under the Sedition Act of 1917. (Bernard, in association with Gen. Squier, of the Signal Corps. -- was granted a patent for the "Helicopter" -- 1912). See http://smart90.com/tvimagazine/2005/1705/109MITisLikeNBS100Award.htm
••• Nathan's Wireless Telephone Company wasn't alone in the loss of their corpus and income of the patented RE spectrums seized by the Mann-Elkins Act of 1910 and the "Kingsbury Commitment." Marconi, Ambros Fleming, Reginald Fessenden, Tesla, DeForest, Alexanderson, (the SMART DAAF boys) - were also victims.
2006/Imagespeople/%23AT%26TisAT%26TbackwithNBS108w.jpg3. THE WINDS OF CHANGE / 1913-1914, the winds of war were not only ruffling in Europe, but also in America.
••• The Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914 was enacted in the United States to remedy deficiencies in antitrust law created under the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890. So . . . the "Kingsbury Commitment," was confirmed by the U.S. Department of Justice to permit the growth of AT&T -- "One Policy, One System Universal Service" theme.
••• The signs of the times allowed AT&T to buy-out local telephone companies in the U.S. -- and were the years the Stubblefield Family Trust, opted-out to sell the Trust's NBS Industrial School and the 85-acre Teleph-on-delgreen campus.
••• The Agencies that took control of the Radio-wave industry included: The U.S. Navy, the Post Office Department, the Department of Commerce, and then in 1934, Congress created the Federal Communications Commission, (FCC).
••• For a while, before 1912, the U.S. government allowed Nathan and a few of the other members of the SMART DAAF group -- to operate under a level of secrecy usually reserved only for the U.S. Signal Corps. apparatus. After Britain, declared war on Germany on August 23, 1914, it was just a matter of time as to when Maj. Gen. George O. Squier, (1863-1934) - of the U.S. Signal Corps would step in.
••• 32 months later -- the U.S. declared war on Germany, (April 6, 1917) -- and Congress enacted the Sedition-Espionage Act on June 15, 1917. By that time the defines of the Wireless Telephone™ were bleached out of schools books, then redefined as Radio technology, it was all over for Nathan and his Wireless Telephone™.
••• It was a complete meltdown for townsman owning personal property that had anything to do with RF frequencies, the U.S. Army Signal Corps, and Walkie-talkies. The U.S. Navy took total control of the corpus and income of his Patent. Three months later, the industry was placed under the direction of the Post Office Department, (July 31, 1918).
••• Ten years later, the Radio Act of 1927, placed the Department of Commerce in charge . . . then one year later (1928), the reclusive Nathan died. Because the patent had expired in 1925, the beneficiaries of his estate were left with the "by-products" of the corpus Patent; -- the trademarks, copyrights, and the revenue from the Wireless Telephone™ RF spectrums, (if and when and until the trust would be "paid over absolutely").
••• It was during this period, (1927-1931), that Rainey T. Wells and the Stubblefield kids got serious. Bernard, the primary trustee of the Trust, took charge in keeping the Wireless Telephone™ trademarks, and copyrights of the Patent alive and active, by the promotional theme, "Nathan Stubblefield, the inventor of Radio."
••• Rainey T. Wells, the president of Murray State College at the time, led the memorial to Nathan with a Stubblefield Monument. That 1930 event kicked off the promotional theme, "Murray, Kentucky, the birthplace of Radio." Since that time, all members of the Family Trust and the Stubblefield Scholarship Fund, have continually advertised and promoted the corpus of the trust, setting up various campus around the world, safekeeping the term, "Wireless Telephone™" and commercializing the goods, products and services of the Patent corpus.
••• As for 1931, "that's the year when Clerk Maxwell's Ether theory was bleached by the Radio industry and hi-tech publications," said MacFarlane in his NBS100, "white paper." November 13, 1931, marked the one-hundredth anniversary of Clerk Maxwell's birth, and the date the scientific world, "dug the grave for Maxwell's theory of ether waves."
••• "Of cours,e the plume on the headstone read, "Ether waves, Etherographs and Etherotalk were really Radio terms, but they didn't know better," continued MacFarlane in jester."
••• Some of the campuses established by various co-successor's of NBS related Trusts are: Tele'phon'delgreen, Murray State University, WNBS AM-FM - TV, Vine Street Video Center, Rosemont, and WiFi Mist, -- the current wireless cemetery project. The valuable Radio Frequency spectrums are carried on the Family Trust's books, as an Accounts Receivable, at market value.
••• In 1996, sixty-two years after Congress created the Federal Communications Commission, (FCC) in 1934, Congress created the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which successfully rewrote the Act of 1934.
••• "In a way, when Vice-president, Al Gore was bragging that it was he who invented the Internet, he was right on; said MacFarlane, "he made it happen." The bill rewrote all of the prior Acts of Congress dating from 1910 to 1934, including the "Kingsbury Commitment." AT&T's -- "One Policy, One System Universal Service" ended. Their TeleCom land-line, monopoly was over.
••• When Ma Bell was totally broken up, it made way for the development of the Internet and today's billion dollar search engines with catchy clever domain names. This Trust's LookRadio.com, NBS100.com, affiliate program, along with Smart90.com, tviNews.net, soulfind.com, and the double click service provided by TroyCory.com, Xingtv.com, and the WiFi / VoIP technology provided by Wireless Telephone™, have all carried on the campus traditions established, by "Capt. Billy" Stubblefield -- in 1869.
••• The Stubblefield TeleCom Achievement Award, published monthly at tvimagazine.com, has boosted the efforts of the founders of Amazon, Yahoo, Google and Microsoft, by naming them as members of TVInews' billion dollar club.
••• In April 2005, nine years after the 1996 Telecom Act was enacted, the financial report on the amount of cash collected by the FCC from the auction sales of RF spectrums, finally came to light. The highly guarded information was held from the public until a former commissioner forced the public testimony of FCC chairman Kevin Martin before Congress.
••• When the $27-Billion Dollar amount collected finally became part of a public record, the NBS Family Trust filed its claim with the FCC. For the record, - CLICK FOR MORE STORY - Read the NBS100 Regulatory Seizure Study and the FCC/Portz Story.
••• Inventor, David MacFarlane stated in a recent telephone interview, that it takes a long time to turn an aircraft carrier around, heading in the wrong direction. "Attempting to turn around the FCC, full of valuable air-waves loaded with the corpus of RF patents in its Trust, has taken Congress over 62 years."
••• In 1992, when MSU professor, Dr. Ray Mofield, Ph.D.. -- stated on the popular Terry Bulger TV show that, 'Nathan's patent is what we call today, Radio,' explained it all," continued, MacFarlane.
••• In 2009, another block of former Radio/TV RF spectrums will be sold to telephone/cable land-line developers for Wireless Telephone™ play.
••• Nathan's Wireless Telephone™ transreceivers emitting the Ether Wave, buried in 1931, is the same Radio Wave, seized by the FCC, and now being sold as spectrums.
••• The TeleCom Act of 1996 had made it easier for government agencies and the TeleCom Trust to make U-turns back to profitability. "Is Congress ready to reverse gears, and pay up 100 years later? If so, maybe some of the SMART DAAF boys -- will be 'paid over absolutely,' " continued MacFarlane.

5. NBS100 Review WiFi / Land-lines
NBS100 TeleComunication Study - Regulatory Frequency Seizure

Study of FCC
Gov. Control
Legal Opinions
The Movie

More Stubblefield02 Research

More Articles • Converging News JULY 2007 / TeleCom BuyOuts, Spinoffs and Asset Seizure Boom

Respectfully Submitted
Josie Cory
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
 TVI Magazine, tviNews.net, YES90, Your Easy Search, Associated Press, Reuters, BBC, LA Times, NY Times, VRA's D-Diaries, Industry Press Releases, They Said It and SmartSearch were used in compiling and ascertaining this Yes90 news report.
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