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Singer, Recording Artist and Record Producer. Co-Producer of the COUNTRY HALL OF FAME LP Album -- 1967. Jerry Wallace Sings "There She Goes" • YouTube:





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Jerry Wallace
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Photos: Jerry and friends, Priscilla Cory, Troy Cory and Josie. Thanks a million for your help in my production of the first Country Hall of Fame Album and my Doc Cory "Country Doctor Prescribes City Music" album. I'll never forget how you handled the Capital record deal with Bill Robinson, and Joe Johnson, along with Martin Gilbert. In memory -- Troy & Josie Cory


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1. Feature Story / Jerry Wallace Dies May 5th 2008 - by Pete Allman of TVInews Celebrity Scene news. Singer's biggest hit was 'Primrose Lane"
 • •" Jerry' Wallace's passing on May 5, 2008, was a surprise," says Troy and Josie Cory. Not only was he a great friend, but he was an outstanding singer and record producer who knew "a good song when he heard it, and knew where to go with it."
• • I first met Jerry in the early 60s when he was part of a comedy team. We started a working relationship with Jerry in 1967, while conducting our studio enterprises. At that time he shared his life with Reba in Burbank. Many musical evenings were spent at our Hollywood Hills home, when Jerry brought his musician friends like, Freddie Hart, Ray Peterson, the 'Queen Mother of Nashville,' Mae Axton, Stuart Hamlin, Chill Wills, and Hoyt Axton. It was during that time Jerry became the co-producer of the Country Hall of Fame LP record album, and helped in the choosing of the group of country stars selected as "Hall of Fame" honoraries.
Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
• • The original Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum opened on Music Row (Music Square East and Division Street) on April 1, 1967. The LP record album was produced and released to help honor those artists pictured on front.
• • On behalf of the Country Music Association, it was Martin Gilbert, Jerry and Troy who selected both the Nashville recordings on the album, which included, non-Nashvillians: Lefty Frizzell, Tex Ritter, and Merle Travis.
• • As Jerry put it, "to add variety to the 25 all-Nashville related group of singers." Jerry along with Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys songs were not included on the album, which was one of the reasons why each track was edited to add a couple of non-Nashville country artists.
• • Jerry's big hits in the 60s were,"Primrose Lane" was a top five million-seller, "There She Goes," - "Shutters And Boards" - "In The Misty Moonlight" - "Life's Gone And Slipped Away" all Top 20 singles.
• • Troy's mediocre Specialty Records and Mercury Records chart hits in the 60s, included: "Little Pink Toe," "Just One More Chance," and "Suzy McGregor." Jerry's music producer, Joe Johnson, the owner of Challenge Records, died of the results from a fall from a 7 story Nashville building.
• • Operations of the museum came to include educational programs, the CMF Press and CMF Records, the Country Music Foundation Library (1968), and the historic sites RCA Studio B (1977) and Hatch Show Print (1986). The Music Row location of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum was closed December 31, 2000. BMI now occupies the site.
• • The Cory's are filled with sadness for the reasons they didn't try harder to reconnect with Jerry. He always felt bad, along with myself, about having been left out of the Nashville's country artist scene. (During the December 2008 Country Music Awards from Nashville, no mention of Jerry's contributions). Hard to figure that one out. We lost track of Jerry in the mid 80s. Nevertheless, he always turned up periodically in conversations around our home and of course, playing his records always brought back many good of memories.
• • In 1961, the CMA announced the creation of the Country Music Hall of Fame. The first three inductees, Jimmie Rodgers, Fred Rose and Hank Williams, were announced at a CMA banquet in November of said year. Bronze plaques, with the facial likeness and a thumbnail biography of each new member were cast in bas relief. They were unveiled at the Grand Ole Opry by Ernest Tubb. These plaques, and those for subsequent Hall of Fame inductees, were displayed in the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville until 1967.
vra681200LPDocCory108w.jpg• • Jerry was a big help to me at the time when I was promoting my Nashville single, "I Put your Picture Back in my Wallet." We hit all the radio stations in town while he tried to show me how to pluck a record. An introduction by Jerry meant a guaranteed sure "play with his DJ buddies."
• • His favorite stage costume was "his fancy Nudie suit,"for his performances. One time as we came out of a club, someone had stolen all his expensive Nudie suit. I couldn't help but break out in the wildest laughter, which Jerry did not seem to appreciate. Well, it was all in jest.
• • We spent many times together, -- dinners at our respective homes, trips to the racetracks, joining Jerry as he made his rounds at various night clubs and radio stations.
• • •
Jerry would often stop by our Pasadena home on his way to Santa Anita. Wild Turkey was his favorite drink . . . so ... before heading out to the Santa Anita racetracks. I remember we'd discussed doing a show from the house, "kind of in the style of a Guest House show" we did at KTLA and Warner Bros., where we would have entertainers and singers come by for a chat. An early vision of the reality shows so popular now.
We were there when Jerry cut his "To Get To You" album." Some time after I 'stole' one of the songs from his album and recorded the tune "To Get To You." Jerry didn't mind - we were music pals.
• • We shared his joy when he came by our house the day his son was born at St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank.
•• • Like so many times in life our ways parted and we will forever be saddened that in later years we missed the opportunity to spend some reminiscing times together. In our hearts he will always remain a 'giant' among singers. Thanks for the Memories Jerry. Thanks Jerry for your musical gifts. Troy & Josie Cory

02. DISCOGRAPHY TIMELINE / Jerry Wallace, recording artist, record producer

Among his more than 45 chart successes on both the pop and country music Hit Parade was:
1958 - "How The Time Flies" a pop release on the Gene Autry-owned Challenge label, landed in the top ten of Hit Parade
1959 - "Primrose Lane" was a top five million-seller
1960 - "There She Goes"
1962 - "Shutters And Boards"
1964 - "In The Misty Moonlight" a Top 20 single
1965 - "Life's Gone And Slipped Away"
1967 - "This One's On The House" co-producer, single for Troy Cory
1967 - "Moved To the Hills" co-producer, single for Troy Cory
1967 - " I Put your Picture Back in My Wallet" co-producer, single for Troy Cory
1968 - "Sweet Child of Sunshine"
1968 - "Country Music Hall of Fame" Album, co-producer with (Troy Cory, Martin Gilbert)
1972 - "If You Leave Me Tonight I'll Cry" his #1 country hit
1972 - "Do You Know What It's Like To Be Lonesome"
1972 - To Get To You"
1972 - Jerry Wallace's "To Get To You" was nominated as "Single of the Year." It stayed on the Hit Parade for 22 consecutive weeks.
1973 - "Doc Cory Prescribes City Music" Producer of Album - Troy Cory
1973 - "Easy Lovin" co-producer, Album for Troy Cory
1973 - "Do You Know What It's Like To Be Lonesome" peaked at # 2.
1973 - "Don't Give Up On Me" His streak of country hits continued with a #3 success,
1974 - "My Wife's House" Top Ten . Continued

03 About Jerry
/ May 12, 2008 / TVInews -- Jerry Wallace, 79, the smooth-voiced pop and country singer who scored his first two hits in the late 1950s with "How the Time Flies" and "Primrose Lane," died Monday night of congestive heart failure at his home in Victorville, one of his three sons, Jerry Wallace Jr., said.
• • Jerry Wallace was born in Guildford, Missouri on December 15, 1928, the son of a grocer, and grew up in Glendale, Arizona. Jerry's father traded a crate of eggs for Jerry's first guitar as a 14th birthday present. Wallace served in the Navy during World War Two and later moved to Hollywood in the late 1940s. His marriage to Loralei in 1956 ended in divorce.
• • Considered a pop act during the late '50s with a pair of huge hits, Jerry Wallace successfully migrated to the country field during the '60s and '70s. Wallace began recording in 1951 and burst onto the pop charts in 1958 on the Challenge label with "How the Time Flies" and the even bigger "Primrose Lane," written by Wayne Shanklin, a year later. Primrose Lane was also used as the theme song for a television series starring Henry Fonda, titled "The Smith Family.
• • Gene Kennedy, owner of Tennessee-based Door Knob Records which released several of Wallace's records in the late 1970s, said "Primrose Lane" sold more than a million copies and was Wallace's biggest-selling record. "He was a great singer," Kennedy said. "One of the best in the business." Wallace's focus became more country-oriented with "Shutters and Boards" and "In the Misty Moonlight" in 1963-64, and he made a full-fledged turn in 1965 after switching to the Mercury label.
• • A move to Liberty in 1968 didn't pay off, but in 1972, soon after he began recording for Decca, "If You Leave Me Tonight I'll Cry" topped the country charts (as did the LP To Get to You). During the next year, 1973, "Do You Know What It's Like to Be Lonesome" and "Don't Give Up on Me" both reached the Top Five, but Wallace only managed one more Top Ten, 1974's "My Wife's House" (for MCA). He charted continually until the end of the decade, though, while recording for MGM, 4 Star, BMA, and Door Knob. \
• •
After those first hits in the late '50s, and 60s, chart success was elusive but Wallace had a comeback in the early '70s. Jerry also composed music for film and television, and appeared in films including "Flipper's New Adventure" and "Goodbye Charlie." He also worked on music for other television shows, including "Daniel Boone" and "Hec Ramsey."
CENTER PAGE / 1970s to 2008
• • As Wallace's career was resuscitated during the early 1970s, he netted Top 5 hits. His biggest came with "If You Leave Me Tonight I'll Cry," which first appeared in an episode of Rod Serling's Night Gallery in January 1972. Jerry got the chance to record it primarily because he sounded similar to Nat "King" Cole, who the producers wanted to emulate with the song. Viewers were intrigued by the tune and prodded its release as a single. It became a number one single.
• • According to the Hit Parade Hall of Fame Web site, Wallace scored more than 45 chart successes on both the pop and country music hit parades.
• • In 1972, he was nominated for the Country Music Assn. Award as male vocalist of the year and his "To Get To You" was nominated as Single of the Year. It stayed on the Hit Parade for 22 consecutive weeks.
• • He retired from music soon after. A few of his songs turned up in TV shows and commercials. He even recorded a theme song for a Japanese cologne called "Mandom."
• • Wallace effectively retired from show business in the late 1970s and stopped recording and also performing too, with the exception of some low-key concerts for Victorville veterans that he performed only occasionally.
• • Funeral services for singer Jerry Wallace, were held Friday, May 9, 2008, in Corona, California, where he was honored by family and friends.• •
• •
Jerry Wallace Jr., 44, said his father was passionate about horse racing and would often watch the races at Hollywood Park in Inglewood. The son shared his dad's enthusiasm and went on to become a horse trainer.
• • "He always had a great time," Wallace Jr. said. "He told me a few weeks before he died not to cry for him. He had a great life."
• •
He had lived in Victorville for the last fifteen years.
• • Wallace is survived by four children, two grandchildren and his ex-wife, Reva Stone.


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