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THE TELEVISION SHOW - In The Search For Lost Horizons
The Troy Cory Show / Hawaiian Tropic

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Troy Cory Photo 11 Priscilla Cory "Sugar To Tea"

THIS 2004 CHINA TELEVISION SHOW -- Priscilla will help unfold the most fascinating life of her father Troy Cory-Stubblefield, as she sings and dance to some of the songs she helped make famous in China. The QT Video shows the 13 year old Priscilla and her father performing "Sugar To Tea" on the stages of Warner Bros for Television in the '90s.
----She is the great-grand-daughter of Nathan B. Stublefield, the inventor and original patent holder of "Firewire" and theWireless Telephone, (1898 / 1908)

Biography for
Priscilla Cory
Mini biography
Born and raised in California, Priscilla Cory started out in the
entertainment business at a very unusually young age, such as
herself, quite unique!! The agent, William Adrian Teen Model
Agency, recognized this uniqueness in Priscilla, before she was
even a teenager, but she was not yet old enough for him to
represent. Mr. Adrian, did, however, get her many modeling
sessions, and also some acting. So it is fair to say that at 5 years
old, this was Priscilla's breakthrough in the entertainment
As Priscilla matured she was soon contributing to building her
versatile career. Her debut was on her father's Television Variety
Show, "The Troy Cory Show". Priscilla soon learned to sing
many songs, in which she and her father sung together as a duet,
(a father and daughter team) like, "Frank and Nancy Sinatra".
This was Priscilla's big opportunity to sing, dance and apply her
natural acting skills. She attended many acting workshops,
including the famed method acting, through the instruction of the
, "Lee Strasberg Theater Institute".
Method acting was also a natural for her, due to her many life
experiences, which is quite essential, in method acting. Priscilla
and her father Troy Cory continued their weekly Variety Show,
aired on Channel's KTLA-5 and 13. From there on to Europe
performing and recording, more movies, more Variety acts and
lots of singing and publicity galore. Everyone adored Priscilla
and her very unique voice, in Europe especially. She was offered
a movie contract in Germany but turned it down and returned
again to America, many times over.
Priscilla has made a few television commercials, too. To this day
she is still hard at work, making a name for herself and doing
quite well to boot. An as yet little yet known fact is that her
great-grandfather, "Nathan B. Stubblefield", is the real inventor
of the radio, soon to be a part of "American History". This all
took place in Murray, Kentucky, that's where Priscilla's roots
stem, and many more kin in Jackson, Mississippi. So you see
she's a Southern girl at heart, and Priscilla's heart, like her sweet
voice, is absolutely, "Priceless"!!
FROM IMOB Photo Page / Bio Page

-02. STORY
It all begins in Shanghai, where Troy, Ron, Sterling and some of the performers see themselves, purchasing the compass they'll be using to guide us up and down China. As the camera pans and dissolves into the needle pointing due North, it starts to rapidly spin. The next film cut, images the TV screen on the wireless telephone blinking with a film countdown. The next scene pictures Troy and the performers standing center stage in Shanghai, 1988, meeting Jiang Zemin.
---- The big band sound of Ambros Seelos starts playing,“Jeepers Creepers”, and the show begins. Both the compass and the Goodwill Concert Map Book 2004, will guide you to Nine Cities in the Southern Provinces of the People’s Republic of China. Concert shoot dates for the first leg of the tour, begin on JUNE 17th through JUNE 27TH.
---- On the road again”, unscripted interviews by and with 14 year old singer, Sterling Rice, and the shows performers, will tell the realism of traveling in  China. (Optional Settings).
Ron Rice and Josie Cory will head the “On the Road”, 4-person Round-Table Performers Award. Toni Covington and Troy, will be the deciding vote of who will be awarded a featured spot during next show performance. (http://www.chinaexpo2004.com/)
---- On June 28th, as Troy and his million dollar troupe of performers continue South towards Guangzhou, the road to Beijing gets a little hectic for the Brooke Sisters, Sterling, and the beauties from Hawaiian Tropic. They realize Beijing is north, the opposite direction shown on the compass. It’ll take another 7 performances in 7 Southern Cities, before they’ll reach their final Northern destination, the Forbidden City, located in Beijing. (See http://www.chinaexpo2004.com/).

---- The viewer of this hour long syndicated Television Program, will not only witness beautiful woman from sixteen different cities, on location performances from the Great Wall, but will see the makings of the on-location filming of the feature film, “WIRELESS”, directed by one of China’s famous movie directors. The “HT Beauty From The Forbidden City”, pageant winner, will be announced at the end of the program. 
---- To show the growth and changes in China, since 1988, previous footage of China’s top former presidents and head of State, Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin, filmed with Troy Cory on stage, will be incorporated and mixed in with this China 2004 Concert footage. This trip will be fascinating and enlightening about the way China and Uncle Sam does business. This China Television Show will be a first, and a must for Webcasting for years to come. It’s part of the process, in search of lost comprehensions and broken dreams. The TV Special will become a DVD blockbuster hit.
---- The ‘fountain of youth”, which Ponce de Leon referred to many years ago -- does exist, and Troy rediscovered it many years ago in China. The “joy in knowing and seeing this for yourself, will keep you forever young”, says executive producer, Toni C. Ballard, author of “How To Succeed In Hollywood”.

It’s a must to produce this historical TV special with the uttermost care. Once seen on television, it’ll be around forever -- on DVD and replay. Troy Cory’s China Expo 2004 Goodwill Tour and “In Search of Lost Horizons - China 2004” -- will transform you.
---- The TV Shows other suggested work-in-process titles are: An Evening in China with Troy Cory and Ron Rice’s Hawaiian Tropic Performers; China, the land of “Firewire, Wireless and Watermelons” / Beauty From The Forbidden City.



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