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Rolf Eden / Rolf Eden's Fatal Attraction -

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Feature Story: It all started with "Star Maker" . . . filmed in 1968 in Berlin, starring - Wendell Corey; Barbara Valentin; Rolf Eden and Troy Cory - Contributed by ABCNEWS.com By Mike Lee and Donna Jeffries of TVInews Hollywood Beat.
••• B E R L I N, Germany, Dec. 2, 2003 -- Rolf Eden, a Berlin property tycoon, star of the 1968, "Star Maker", former nightclub owner, and all-purpose celebrity, says he is offering $125,000 to any woman, from anywhere in the world "My real desire is to die on a lady, while making love," Eden said. "A lawyer has my will, and in my will I have $125,000 for this lady." Wendell Corey, died in November, 1968, a few weeks after his scenes in Berlin for "Star Maker" were completed. Barbara Valentin; Rolf Eden and Troy Cory -- were also featured in the Berlin film.
••• Eden is known by many as the "Hugh Hefner" of Germany. He doesn't publish a magazine, but he is a wealthy playboy.
••• He's also of a certain generation, 72 years of age, and of a certain philosophy, not necessarily shared by his hero in a Los Angeles mansion, that would not even get him past the parking lot in a major corporation. But that doesn't seen to bother Rolf Eden in the slightest.
••• He is about as politically incorrect as a man can be these days. On the thorny modern dilemma of whether a man should buy dinner on the first date, Eden brushes such a "small issue." He is not only going to pay for dinner, he is going to offer to pay for a lot more, if the woman is "nice" to him.
••• "I've never paid [a woman] for making love, but I spent it on them. If they need a new nose, or a new breast, or they want to go to school, or go to university," he said.
••• This self-proclaimed "Daddy Bigbucks" figures that offering a $125,000 bounty (actually 125,000 euros, which is almost the same amount) is well worth it.
••• Applicants Must Be Young, Attractive and Healthy
••• Eden says that even at age 72 he is fit as a fiddle, and ready for love. He claims he will pay for an unspecified number of women to fly to Berlin from various parts of the world, for a couple of days of sexual activity, providing they fit his criteria.
••• Basically that seems to mean they must be young, attractive, healthy, and with a practical outlook on life. "If a lady will come here, she really has to work hard," he said.
••• But doesn't it trouble him to know that a woman with whom he is making love, is actually trying to kill him with passion?
••• "Of course they are," he conceded. "I don't care why they make love to me, who cares, as long as I have my fun all the time. Just for killing a man while doing love, that's a good beautiful thing to do."
••• "But," he cautioned, "it has to be natural, not if she puts a knife in me, or puts some poison or something. The doctors and the police will find out."
••• And how will the lawyers know who might deserve the reward, after he is dead? Eden says he keeps a careful diary of all his "dates."
••• As for the obvious objections which women's right groups would have, Eden is unrepentant. "If they're outraged, the leader, if she's young and beautiful, she should come here and I'll change her mind very fast."
••• Eden is well known as, and acknowledges himself to be, a self-publicist. He surrounds himself with young women when in public. He is coy as to whether the ladies on his arms are actually his sexual partners.
••• He has struck a rich vein of worldwide attention with his public challenge to be loved to death.

03 Editor's Notes -  "Hollywood Beat"
Beverly Hills' Best Kept Secret is Sandra Piller and
Larry Flynt's Supper Cabaret Club.

By Donna Jeffries & Larry Leverett

Well, it's official -- Tom Cruise is set to star
in the "War of the Worlds" remake and shooting will begin in November… and you heard it here first, many, many months ago! Larry and I have not only been covering the progress of this project but we also covered the special 50th Anniversary Gala and screening of the original sci-fi classic that took place at The Vista Theatre on November 25, 2003 -- the exact date that the film originally premiered.
Beverly Hills' best kept secret is Sandra Piller and
Larry Flynt's Supper Cabaret Club.
On Wednesday nights you can catch gorgeous actress and dancer Sandra Giles. She used to cruise around Hollywood and Beverly Hills in her pink '57 T-Bird with the pink mink interior, and now the Eternal Starlet, gorgeous, Sandra can be seen at Larry Flynt's Supper Cabaret Club.
Sandra, who was the star of many hit musical films of the 50's and '60's, not only got to party with Sammy Davis Jr. and James Dean, but she also dated Frank Sinatra, Omar Shariff, Michael Caine, Trini Lopez, David Janssen, and Elvis Presley! Yes, Sandra knew how to have a good time and she's still partying! Sandra can also be seen at the Marina City Club in Marina del Rey on Friday, Sept. 3 at 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Sandra's party promises to have plenty of dancing and lots of great music.
West & East Coast Swing, along with Salsa, Disco, the Hustle and much more will keep the crowd grooving all night. Complimentary dance lessons will be conducted by Leba. Music will be provided by D.J. Ceasar.

  ----- Some of the western personalities that have passed away since the last Golden Boot Awards were also honored at this years' event. They included Charles Bronson, Jack Elam, Ronald Reagan and Les Tremayne (who also starred in "War of the Worlds"). In the early 1980s, veteran movie sidekick Pat Buttram first conceived the Golden Boot Award as a way to recognize the achievements of cowboy film heroes and heroines, as well as writers, directors, stunt people and character actors who had significant involvement in film and TV westerns.

Proceeds from the Golden Boot Awards benefit the health and human services, retirement and child care programs of the Motion Picture & Television Fund in Woodland Hills, California.
Just because we like him so much we are going to add this quick quote from George Lucas regarding his popular "Star Wars" films (which Donna doesn't like by the way) -- Lucas says, "Popcorn pictures have always ruled. Why do people go see them? Why is the public so stupid? That's not my fault."

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