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Santas' - TimeLine and Film History
"Christmas Around The World"

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St. Nick
03. Editor's Notes
Santa Movies
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"Christmas Around The World"



Insert Photos: Troy Cory, Priscilla Cory and Manuela featured in: "Christmas Around The World" - 1977 to 2006, Filmed and Televised in Austria, China, Santa's Village, U.S.A., Slavokia and Germany

Saint Nicholas, a.k.a., St. Nick, and Santa Claus, are just a few of the multitude of names given to Santa throughout the world between (300AD-2009).
  Today Santa Clausês' helpers throughout the world are known as those individuals bearing gifts, joy and happiness. Click for more names used, Tales of Christmas, its meanings, and Santa translations.
  Ho. Ho. Ho! Merry Christmas! Welcome to the one and only official homepage of Christmas Around The World with Santa Claus. Yes, before you know it, the Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade spectacular will come and go to add another year to the story of Christmas, and the tales of Santa.
SantaTalesYouTube46w.jpg  As the story goes in "SantaTales of Christmas," the first person to play the role of Santa was a Catholic Bishop from the city of Myra, Asia Minor.
  Bishop Nicholas was appointed a Saint by Rome for his works in defending the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and the Christmas season.
SantaTalesGoogle46w.jpg  Bishop Nicholas or "St. Nick" -- for the purpose of this biography, was the leading religious authority for the Myra area, 300 years after Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day. - CONTINUEDMORE Story at SantaTales.com.

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SantaTalesLookRadio46w.jpg(Continued) - The city of Myra is located in Asia Minor, which is now known as Demre, Turkey.
Welcome! To Santa translations: In Denmark they call Santa: Dansk (Danish) - abbr. - julemanden
Austria = Sankt Nikolaus
Argentinan = Papá Noel
Bosnian = Djed Mraz
Chinese = Sheng dan lao ren - shèng dàn lao rén -
Czech = Ezisek (baby Jesus, the one who delivers presents)
Danish = Julemanden
Dutch = Sinterklaas
England = Father Christmas
French = Père Noël
Finnish = Joulupukki
German = Weihnachtsmann or Sankt Nikolaus
Greek = Agios Vassilios
Hebrew -
Hungarian = Mikulás (St. Nikolaus)
Italian = Babbo Natale
Japanese - èóêêl / santa Claus - ÉTÉìÉ^ÉNÉçÅ[ÉX
Korean - ºýìñ{åÍ
Nederlands (Dutch) Kerstman
Norwegian = Julenissen
Polish = Swiety Mikola
Portuguese = Pai Natal or Papai Noel
Russian = Ded Moroz  (Father Frost)
Spanish = Papá Noel
Swedish = Jultomenten
Turkish = Noel Baba (Father Christmas)
U.S.A. = Santa - Santa Claus - (St. Nikolaus)

02. TIMELINE / History of Santa and his annual YuleTime Ventures around the World. Chronicles of St. Nicks stage - screen - filmography and music contributions to Christmas and the holiday season.
255-257 A.D. - Bishop of Myra: Nicholas was born to an affluent family in Patara, a city of Licia in Asia Minor (part of modern day Turkey), around 255-257 A.D. Nicholas became Bishop of Myra in Asia Minor, the city now known as Demre, Turkey.
AD 300 - Living his whole life centered on Jesus Christ, Nicholas worked for justice and cared for those in need.When Nicholas heard of plight of an honorable family that fell into poverty, he came up with a scheme to assist this family. The tradition of giving gifts on Christmas morning stems from Nicholas' act of charity.
325 A.D - Council of Nicaea: Bishop Nicholas, defender of the faith, forcefully argued for the doctrine of the Holy Trinity at the Council of Nicaea. The council's statement forms part of the Nicene Creed, still said in churches today - - Fresco, Sistine Chapel, The Vatican Photo: St Nicholas Society/Rosenthal
343 A.D - Death of Nicholas: Bishop Nicholas died on December 6, 343 AD, and was buried in the cathedral in Myra, now Demre, Turkey. Many pilgrims came to his tomb - - Tomb of St. Nicholas, St. Nicholas Church, Myra (Demre, Tureky) Photo: St Nicholas Society/JMR
400 A.D - Wonderworker: Since the fifth century the Eastern Church has revered St. Nicholas for the many miracles attributed to him and for his inspiring witness as a follower of Jesus Christ - - Bulgarian Icon, Photo: St Nicholas Center Collection
987 A.D - Russia: Following his baptism in Constantinople, Grand Prince Vladimir I brought Christianity and St. Nicholas to Russia. St. Nicholas is Russia's favorite saint - - 19th C Russian Icon, St Nicholas Center Collection
1087- Saint in Bari: Italian sailors took the bones of St. Nicholas to Bari, Italy. This "translation of the relics" is commemorated in Bari with a fantastic festival each year on May 9th - - Vintage Italian Print, St Nicholas Center Collection
1100s- Gift-Giver: French nuns began giving candy and gifts to needy children on December 6th, St. Nicholas feast day. Children still eagerly await his treats in French Alsace and Lorraine and in many other parts of Europe - - French Holy Card, St. Nicholas Center Collection
1150 - Winchester Cathedral: Scenes from the life of St. Nicholas decorate this black marble baptismal font which was made in Belgium. St. Nicholas has been a favorite subject for church ornamentation - - Winchester Cathedral Font, Photo: Aidan Simons
1200s - 13th Century Boy Bishop Token: All over Europe boys were selected to be the "Nicholas Bishop" from December 6th through the Feast of the Holy Innocents (December 28th). Boy bishops and their retinues collected alms for the poor, but sometimes turned into disruptive roving gangs - - 13th C English token brom Bury St. Edmunds, St Nicholas Center Collection
1410 - "Saint Nicholas Rescues a Ship at Sea." Nicholas was a popular subject for illuminated manuscripts; this one is from the Belles Heures of Jean de France, Duke of Berry - - Card from Metropolitan Museum of Art, St Nicholas Center Collection  
1520 - The feast of Saint Nicholas was abolished in some European countries after the Protestant reformation of the 16th century.
1555 - Middle Ages: St. Nicholas brought gifts on Dec. 6, the only "Christmas" gift-giving time during the Middle Ages,
1560 - Saint-Nicolas-de-Port: Stunning basilica dedicated to St. Nicholas, the much beloved patron, "Father of the Country, Leader and Defender of Lorraine." -- Belgian Lithograph, St Nicholas Center Collection
1661 - Sint-Nicolaaskerk: This silver reliquary is in the beautiful St. Nicholas Church in Sint-Niklaas, Flanders, Belgium - - Detail Sint-Nicolaaskerk Reliquary, 1661 Sint-Nicolaaskerk
1664 - Sinter Klaas: In the 17th century, the Dutch emigrated to America, establishing the colony of New Amsterdam which, in 1664, became New York.  As the Dutch custom of commemorating the feast of Saint Nicholas spread throughout this nation,  "Sinter Klaas" became "Santa Claus" in the United States.
1809 - Washington Irving's St. Nicholas: Diedrich Knickerbocker's History of New York describes St. Nicholas as an elfin Dutch burgher, not a saint, thus beginning the emergence of a dinstinctive American figure. - Illustration by Boyd, A Visit from St. Nicholas, 1849, facsimile edition, St Nicholas Center Collection
1818 - Silent Night: The original lyrics for the song in German "Stille Nacht" was written by Josef Mohr and the melody was composed by Franz Gruber, in Oberndorf, Austria. It has been translated in hundreds of languages.
1823 - A Visit from St. Nicholas or 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.' Publication of the poem which became an American classic and formed lasting images of an American St. Nicholas. / Vintage Book
1833 - The Reverend Clement Clark Moore wrote a poem for his own children that presented a radically new benevolent image of Saint Nicholas not seen before. "A Visit From Saint Nicholas" introduced Santa Claus for the first time as a kind, plump, jolly elf greeting readers with his twinkling eyes, rosy cheeks, and dimples. Moore's Saint Nicholas smoked a pipe, navigated a miniature sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer, and made his entrance via the chimney.
1845 - The Netherlands: A new picture book by Jan Schenkman shaped modern Dutch customs by establishing Sint Nicolaas arrival on a steamboat from Spain with a Moorish assistant. Crowds still enthusiastically greet their arrival each year in mid-November - - Sint Nikolaas en Zijn Knecht, Reprint, St Nicholas Center Collection
1864-1886 - Thomas Nast draws Santa: Harper's Weekly features Nast's Santas with flowing beards, rotund shapes, fur suits, and clay pipes - - "Merry Old Santa Claus" by Thomas Nast, Harper's Weekly, January 1, 1881
This philanthropist, depicted as a white-bearded old man with a long caped coat [or sometimes in red Episcopal robes], remained, nonetheless, a moralistic figure: rewarding good children or punishing the unruly ones.  
1873 - St. Nicholas Magazine: The first issue of St. Nicholas: Scribner's Illustrated Magazine for Girls and Boys was published. Editor Mary Mapes Dodge named the magazine for the children's saint, the epitome of loving and giving. This new magazine offered gifts to children as he did gifts of fun as well as learning.
1874 - St. Nicholas Magazine, July 1874
1875 - Click for the story of St. Nicholas from the January 1875 issue.
1882 - First year a Christmas Tree was lit by electricity in New York.
1904 - European Gift Giver: St. Nicholas leaves tasty treats for good little boys and girls - - 1904 German Postcard St Nicholas Center Collection
1916 - St. Nicholas Magazine: This enormously popular magazine named for children's patron, St. Nicholas, was published from 1873 until 1940. It featured high quality children's authors and illustrators.
Illustration: Norman Price, St Nicholas, December 1916 St Nicholas Center Collection. Click for the story of St. Nicholas from 1875.
1920s - Dutch Moral Teacher: St. Nicholas visits homes and schools to reward good children who have learned their lessons well. - - Dutch Postcard St Nicholas Center Collection
1931 - Coca-Cola Santa: Each year from 1931 to 1964 Haddon Sundblom created a new Santa for Coca-Cola's "thirst knows no season" campaign. His life-size Santas in white fur-trimmed red suits are now the American Santa Claus. Here is the first one - - Courtesy of Coca-Cola Company
1938 - A Christmas Carol - The first one filmed in 1938 is still the one people enjoy most. Scrooge certainly has been played by quite a few actors in other versions of this classic story by Charles Dickens, but somehow I enjoy watching the actor in this one as he watches his life; past, present and future, unfold before him when the spirits come to take him away on Christmas Eve leaving Scrooge a different man at the end of his journey's. The only fault I find with this film is that when he visits tiny Tim's household things are bit too cheerful and pleasant for the poverty they endure due to the small wages poor old Cratchit earns. But, a happy ending prevails and one we all want to see.
1945 - Still Gift Giver in Europe: St. Nicholas' donkey helps bring treats to excited and happy children . - - 1945 Belgian Postcard St Nicholas Center Collection
1945 - Miracle on 34th Street (also titled The Big Heart in the UK) is a 1947 film which tells the story of a gentle old man, working as a Santa Claus at Macy's department store in New York City, who contends that he is the real deal. The movie was written by Valentine Davies and director George Seaton; Davies also penned a short story version of the tale which was published simultaneously with the film's release.
•••The film won Academy Awards for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Edmund Gwenn), Best Writing, Original Story (Valentine Davies) and Best Writing, Screenplay. It was also nominated for Best Picture. It was placed #9 at AFI's 100 Years... 100 Cheers.
•••The film was colorized twice, first in a poorly recieved version released in the 1980s, and most recently by Legend Films. The new colorized version was released in 2006.
1950's - European Advertising: St. Nicholas now rewards all children-whether naughty or nice. Even Coca-Cola once knew the true St. Nicholas. - - Store Promotional Piece St Nicholas Center Collection.
1971s 0210 - RECORD SESSION: Troy Cory - Munich. Germany, with Ambros Seelos, Trixi Studio Munich; Basel, Switzerland.
1973s 1220 - RECORD SESSION: Troy Cory - Jackson, Mississippi, Christmas Session with Jerry Butler, All South Studios.
1974s 0524 - TV GUIDE - 1974: 11:00 P. M. 13 TROY CORY EVENING SHOW. - Writers Ron Fischer and Zina Florentine are Troy's guests. Musical selections include "Christmas Chestnuts" (Troy); "Love Story" (John Barrymore, Jr.); and "La Bamba" (Pango Orchestra).
1975s 1001 - BBC, London, England; October 1, 1975; Troy Cory Christmas with BBC Radio Play Music Label.
%23%23$$mmaarrttsitemaster2006/Imageskudoad/YouTubeSmartLogo108w.jpg 1977s 1212 - Film. "Christmas Around the World. " EUROPE Location - December 12, 1977. Filming of Christmas Show in Germany and Austria. Starring Troy Cory, Priscilla Cory, Manuela - MORE STORY. CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW IT ON YouTube.
1988 - The Troy Cory Stage/TV performer. Shanghai, China (1988) CLICK FOR MORE STORY 1990 - The Troy Cory Christmas Show filmed in Beijing, Anshan, China. Featured the Great Wall and "Jingle Bells". - CLICK FOR MORE STORY
1994 - St. Nicholas Defense: Action committees in the Netherlands tell Santa Claus to stay away until after St. Nicholas Day, December 6th. - Symbol used in Assen, the Netherlands.
2001 - Canterbury, England: Good Bishop Nicholas rides through the town leading happy crowds to the heart of Christmasthe manger where Jesus was born. - - Photo: Anglican World

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Continued02 -
03 - In November, 2006, DVM2525 - "Christmas Around The World"
DVM9926 - "Christmas Around The World" (30 minutes Webcast)
• •  Songs: Traditional-"Jingle Bells", "C-h-r-i-s-t-ma-s", "Silent Night", I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas", "Silver Bells", "An Ol' Christmas Card" , "I'll Have a Blue Christmas" Original- " I Saw Christmas", "I Believe in Christmas", "Christmas Around The World".
  "D-Diaries" Every once in a while you need a major Disappointment before you discover what life is all about -- thus the reason for the television series, "D-diaries". 
"Christmas Around The World"

Directed By:
William Janovsky; Gabor Wagner; Josie Cory, Keith Stubblefield; Richard Greninger; .
The Players: Troy Cory, Priscilla Cory, Manuella, Josie Cory; Tina Kincaid; Brooke Kenvin; Lori Engel; Tina Kincaid; Priscilla Cory; Tommy Simmons; Bob Wills; Valerie Maddox; and Ginger Adams.
Narrator: Troy Cory; Jossi Sigl; Joe Bombuger; Hugh Jeffrey,
Songs: Traditional-"Jingle Bells", "C-h-r-i-s-t-ma-s", "Silent Night", I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas", "Silver Bells", "An Ol' Christmas Card" , "I'll Have a Blue Christmas" Original- " I Saw Christmas", "I Believe in Christmas", "Christmas Around The World".
Movie Production Credits

Computer Graphics:
Victor Caballero; Alden Stubblefield; Tim Wilcox;
Set Director: Bill Camden; Alfons Mousa
Casting: William Adrian; Lynn Mann; Michael Lipman;
Hairstyle - Makeup: Harry Mayes; Ramses III;

TV Episode Webcast Script Adaptation: Scott Stubblefield, Josie Cory, Troy Cory;
Narrator: Troy Cory; Jossi Sigl; Hugh Jeffrey,
Film Research: Michael Lipman; Mark Sova; Da Lin Gan;
Featured Recording Artist and "Diary: Theme Song Composers & Performer: Ambros Seelos; Sylvester Levy; The Pheromones; Troy Cory; and the Shanghai Symphony;
On Line Computer Editing: Post Production Facilities: Firewire Media; Munchen-Bratislava; Universal City, California, USA;

Executive Producer: Josie Cory, Gabor Wagner;

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1988 - The Troy Cory Stage/TV performer. Shanghai, China (1988) CLICK FOR MORE STORY

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