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Above photos show, the timeline of Rod Stewart as a youth and early days with various artist. The montage features various photo taken by Troy Cory during his video performance at the Studio in 1978.

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Rod Stewart
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Feature Story -
October - 2004, marks the month for Rocker Rod Stewart,
as a crooner on NBC -- as well as the 26th anniversary of his hit music videos, "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" and "Blondes Have More Fun" - produced at Video Music Hall, in Hollywood.

----- From October 17th through the 21st, 1978, some 26 years ago, Troy Cory's Vine Street Video Center, (seen in cover photo), not only set the stage for Stewart's first platinum single, and hit music videos, "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" and "Blondes Have More Fun", but set the stage for the webcasting of vratv optical disks, via the internet, and the selection of this weeks, Television International Magazine's person of the week.
----- In a very special way, the video shoot marked a turning point, not only in the careers of Rod Stewart and his drummer/ co-writer of "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" Carmen Appice, but in the lives of Josie and Troy Cory, the founders and operators of Vine Street Video Center, particularly from a critical historical perspective. It was uring that same period, the Cory's also formed Video Record Albums of Amarica, VRA TelePlay Pictures and VRA Laser Disks.
----- Ironically, they are now the publishers of Television International Magazine, founded in 1956, by Sam Donaldson and Al Preiss, and Rod Stewart is this week's tviNews, Person of the Week.

Part 02 - Rod Stewart has Katie Couric, NBC, the Today/Date Line
TV shows -- and "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" to thank for his "Person of the Week" selection.
----- It was the driving dance beat of this music video being performed by Rod Stewart in October, 1978, at Troy's Vine Street Video Center, over 26 years ago -- that cinched the honor".
----- Vine Street TV studio's theme in 1978 was: "And it's all available to you - our tv stage facilities, television show, and a Fench restaurant "The Au Petit Cafe was a favorite hang out for Connie Chung and other CBS newscasters, as well as many industry professionals in Hollywood", says, TVI publisher, Josie Cory.
----- "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" is about a couple, played by Rod and his finance Alana, that meets at a intimate cafe. Of course, the Au Petit Cafe and its tv monitor, sets the scenario for a great music video, a foggy Hollywood movie studio stage scene, and a bedroom with all of the trinkets. The video segments were produced by Jon Roseman. Camera Director was, J. D. Webster. Sound, video and stage lighting were under the direction of Richard Long and Troy Cory of Canyon Sound and VRA TelePlay. Rod and Alana were married in April, 1979.
----- The October, 1978 video shoot, was perceived by many, as a Hollywood first. It was one of the first big time Music Videos to use a movie stage to produce a lip synced video with a purpose; to distribute and sell Rod Stewart CD records throughout the world. The video features Rod Stewart, Alana Hamilton, drummer, Carmen Appice, all of Rod's band members, and a dozen of models provided by the Bill Adrian Teen Modeling Agency of Pasadena. More Tidbits @ Bylines



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Person Of The Week
Rrod Stewart
120 PIXELS 3 columns

The October - 15th - 22, 2004 NBC telecast --
pictures Rod Stewart "live" in Rockefeller Plaza, New York City. singing the classic song "Blue Moon" from his latest CD "Stardust: The Great American songbook Volume III".

Quotes from the televised - "conversation"

Katie Couric:
----- You, I read in Vanity Fair recently, you said, "The secret to staying forever young is to play soccer as long as you can."

Rod Stewart:
----- Drink as much wine, and shag as many women.

----- Couric: Yeah. (Laughter) So, rate these in order of importance.
----- Stewart: Well, if one could do all three together &endash; and I've tried, believe me &endash; soccer, absolutely. I mean, I would put that top of the list for me.  I absolutely adore soccer.
----- Couric: Ahead of music, sex and wine?
----- Stewart: I … love a glass of wine in the evening, especially after a soccer match. And I usually have sex before a soccer match.  And while I'm having sex, we play music. So, that's one way of combining everything. 

Rod Stewart sings his classic hit "Maggie May" during the "Toyota Concert Series on Today."
----- Today Show: Rod Stewart sings 'Blue Moon 'Oct 15: Rod Stewart sings the classic song "Blue Moon" from his latest CD "Stardust: The Great American songbook Volume III" live in Rockefeller Plaza.
----- Today Show: Stewart: 'What a Wonderful World 'Oct 15: Rod Stewart performs "What a Wonderful World," from latest CD release, "Stardust: The Great American Songbook: Volume III."
----- Today Show: Viewer's Choice: 'Tonight's the Night' Oct 15: Rod Stewart talks to Katie Couric about his newest collection of American song standards, then performs the viewer's song choice, "Tonight's the Night."

Hear are some of the quotes from the televised -
"conversation" from Stewart's 28,000 square foot English-style estate in Los Angeles. It is just one of his four homes &endash; a lavish lifestyle of rock 'n roll aristocracy, thanks to a career that spans four decades and multiple incarnations. 

----- Couric: When you went through that period, and did kind of more of a disco thing.  And I guess you were wearing false eyelashes, and spandex.
----- Stewart: Yeah. Everybody was. Wasn't just me.
----- Couric: Yeah. (Laughter)
----- Couric: Everybody was wearing that stuff.
----- Couric: And you were jumping around too
----- Stewart: "Do You Think I'm Sexy?"
----- Couric: Yeah, "Do You Think I'm Sexy?"
----- Stewart: But you danced to "Do You Think I'm Sexy?" Didn't you?
----- Couric: I think I did, actually.
----- Stewart: Yeah.  I bet you were wearing spandex as well.
----- Couric: Yeah. (Laughter)

----- Couric: But you all didn't actually record together. You were in two different places?
----- Stewart: Yeah, that's the way it is nowadays.
----- Couric: Isn't that weird though? Don't you wish you could have been face to face with Dolly?
----- Stewart: I would have loved to have been face to face with Dolly. (Laughter)
----- Couric: That's a loaded … (Laughter)
----- Stewart: Oh, oh, oh
----- Katie and Rod Stewart (Singing): "You made a first class fool out of me, but I was blind as a fool can be.  You stole my heart, and that's pain I can do without."

----- Stewart: Brilliant! That's it!  (To Camera)  Did you get that? Did you get it? That's fantastic. (Laughter) You can … carry a tune!
----- Couric: I can, a little bit.
----- Stewart: Well, let's go through, and play the piano
----- Couric: Let's, shall we? 

----- But his success with the standards notwithstanding, Rod Stewart will forever be associated with a rock classic he wrote himself in 1971.
----- Now that Rod has traded in all of those skin tight trousers for a tuxedo and tails, his career is enjoying a renaissance, thanks to two consecutive CDs he calls "The Great American Songbook."  Volumes I and II have sold over ten million copies worldwide combined. And next Tuesday, Rod rolls out "Stardust ... The Great American Songbook Volume III" &endash; 13 more classics the crooner has recorded, including duets with Bette Middler and Dolly Parton.
----- And though the songs he's singing now are perhaps more age-appropriate, Rod Stewart's prolific career has had one constant: that unmistakable voice &endash; which was once called "a unique blend of sandpaper and soul."

© 2004 MSNBC Interactive




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