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TVInews - 109 PART FOUR - "Disappointments Are Great! Follow the Money - EARTH BATTERIES" The Smart Daaf Boys / Nathan Stubblefield" - A Book Review By Pete Allman, Mark Soval and Bryan Lukas: Chapter Nine By Troy Cory-Stubblefield, Josie Cory. Paperback: Television International Publishing






























































































































A tviNews Events • PART FOUR - The Courtship of Nathan and Ada with Watermelons, Potatos and Soil Mixtures = Electricity + Earth Batteries and Wi-Fi borne and Patented.
• 02. The NBS Trust
03. Rainey T. Wells
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A Book Review By Pete Allman, Mark Soval and Bryan Lukas: Excerpts found on this page are from: Capt. Billy" "Nathan B. Stubblefield, the Radio Boy" & "The SMART-DAAF BOYS"™ ©1992. -- The use of the contents on this page can be used at no cost to web users. CLICK FOR RULES

••• During the courtship of Ada, it was easy for Nathan to energize the world around him. They as a team shared the process of remixing his watermelon hot spots patches, with energy related earth loadstones, cave crystals, Calcite and Travertine minerals, salt, and iron ore particles. In 1890 he was mixing his WiFi hot spots with the three radio active Pitchblende metals first discovered by the German chemist Martin Klaproth in 1789. Tobacco, watermelons and potato plants were of particular value to him..- Click to Continue 01



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01. Continue When applied within the framework of his acquired induction coil knowledge he had picked up during the Dolbear lectures, and from his science engineering magazines, he was able to grow 200 lbs watermelons. - See Radium or Pitchblende FOR MORE ANTENNA STORY. / MORE STORY - LOST SCIENCE
••• Near the end of Nathan and Ada's first anniversary of their marriage in 1881, the husband and wife team was ready for their first public wireless demonstration. Thanks to Nathan's compass, and the soil mixture, the 1882 Court House Square wireless signal display kicked off a scientific development career with his 17-year-old bride that spanned almost 3 decades.
••• It was a mix of success and heartaches between the years of 1881 and 1915 for the couple. Their life-style was highlighted by 9 Stubblefield children, 26 years of scientific experiments, and travails, that are spelled out in the poems, and within the scientific writings that were united into the legal documents needed to perfect perdurable patents, trademarks, and copyrights. His Carrie lamp lighter patent in 1885, and Nathan's three major telephone and wireless telephony patents in 1888, 1898 and 1908 respectfully, -- were never challenged in a court of law for infringement. SEE: Nathan - 1906-1915 - Electricity created by Earth Batteries and generators. Wi-Fi Patented
••• Before Italian inventor, Antonio Meucci's "Telectrophone" (1871) patent expired in 1888, Nathan filed for his Mechanical Telephone patent on Feb 10, 1887. It was granted on Feb 21, 1888. Nathan's land-line Telephone could operate with or without metallic wires. Translation: If electricity was not available, as in most cases in the South, the NBS Telephone would operated with special coated hemp cable. CLICK FOR MORE ABOUT NBS TELEPHONE COMPANY - LOCHTE.
••• Nathan, In 1896, filed for patent for his coil-soil energy Batteries for the whole electrical world to examine, and they did. The patent would become the premise for the exact, distinct and separate EMW soil science for his Wireless Telephone™ system, and if I may, WiFi. It was his theory that if he could create several small green valleys of WiFi hot spots within his 85 acre Teléph-on-délgreen, each hot spot could become a static electricity storage bin that would produce enough undampened EMW currents to charge his electrolytic batteries.
••• The cause of the EMW force was found to cause a virtual aerial effect underground that would then create enough electricity to electrify both, a land-line telephony system, as well as his mobile wireless telephony system.
••• When his "All purpose Wireless Telephone™" patent, copyright and trademark was granted, in 1908, the year not only kick-started the radio trust monopoly, but it was the justification for U.S. regulatory agencies to seize the wireless radio telephone RF frequencies owned by NBS and the other Smart-Daaf Boys. The Radio Communication Acts included the Radio Acts of 1910, 1912, 1918, and 1927. The two major stock market crashes that followed were tied to the regulatory RF seizures. This was also the cause for the bleaching any profits on all of the frequency licensing and hardware franchise agreements his various NBS affiliate companies sold to GE, Bell, AT&T and the U.S. Army Signal Corps.
••• The years between 1906 and 1915, speak for themselves. To lapse the tragic death of his 17-month-old son, Wm Tesla Stubblefield, (b. May 7, 1905, d. Oct. 14, 1906), Nathan became headlong, contemptuous for life, and unstoppable in his legal filings for his final U.S. Wireless Telephone™ patent.
••• Each drawing designated exactly what the Wireless Telephone™ was designed for. Ada wrote that nothing could break Nathan's desire to move his family to Washington, D.C. He seemed to be blaming himself for the death of their son. It was shortly after Tesla was found "teething" on a raw potato from the mixed energized WiFi hotsoil patches, that Tesla grew fatally ill on Oct. 14, 1906.
••• Six months after the death of Wm Tesla, Nathan and Bernard left for Washington, D.C. to file his patent, for the Wireless Telephone™, One year later, on May 12th 1908, the 48 year old Nathan was granted the "All-in-One" patent monopoly, his youngest son would have been 3 years old.
••• The long train ride from his successful years in Washington, D.C., in 1911, gave Nathan the moments needed to reflect on his own childhood and his father's untimely death in 1873. Nathan, like his father, Capt. Billy, had a premonition that his life was ending. To protect his family's future, Nathan commoditized all of his cash holdings and assets, to create a formal family trust for his family to draw upon or even sell periodically, -- as they saw fit. He saw his dreams of the NBS Broadcasting system completed and his name offered for a Nobel Peace Prize, like Marconi.
The NBS Trust
••• The NBS Family Trust of 1912, cleared the way to protect the Stubblefield State franchised school legacy, which included his 85 acre School property, his various Patents, and the Corporate property liens he owned jointly with members of his Kentucky "Big Six" partners. The NBS Family Trust could now would be enabled to finance his National Broadcasting system.
••• The trust included attorneys, Rainey T. Wells, A. Thompson, and named his wife, Ada Mae and his children, Victoria - (30), Bernard - (27), Pattie - (22), Franklin - (17), Oliver - (15), and Helen - (11) -- as beneficiaries. Rainey, If you remember right, was the 17 year-old student attending N.B. Stubblefield Industrial School who became famous by the "Hello Rainey - "Hello Rainey"" wireless broadcast in 1892.
••• Bernard was named by the NBS Family Trust, as the sole inventor of the Flying Machine Patent granted Dec 10th 1912 for seven years. Bernard was to partner with A. Collins and Gen. Squire to kick-start a Government contract. The gasoline engine Flyer was designed to operate both as a helicopter for radio surveillance, and as a portable high voltage generator. CLICK FOR MORE FLYING MACHINE INFO
••• Contrary to his premonition, Nathan didn't die, he lived on for another 16 years to 1928. What bothered the 51-year-old Nathan most about his NBS Family Trust, was anything that threatened the Codes of trust he created -- was something Ada and his children should be paying attention to, 24 hours a day. See The Philosophy of the South
Rainey T. Wells
••• Where was his Clarissa, the step mother that guided the teenager after Capt. Billy died? He saw his dreams of the NBS Broadcasting system, and his Nobel Peace Prize going up in smoke.
••• Nathan had personally persuaded his skeptical "BIG SIX" partners to invest $2 million in the high-tech start-up for radio for aircraft. Now his son Bernard comes with the news that their partner, A. Frederick Collins, of Collins Wireless, 1869-1922), hit some snags in developing in the Radio for the Flying Machine, and they'll need at least another million to bring it to market. Do you write the check?
••• Rainey, now the attorney for the Woodmen of the World, lead the group that purchased the 85 acres Teléph-on-délgreen Institute from NBS Family Trust in 1913. By 1922, the Teléph-on-délgreen Campus (85 acres) became Murray State Normal School. The college since that time didn't change it's name just once, not twice, but three times. The original Teléph-on-délgreen Campus is now Murray State University, (MSU), with a student body of over 10,000.
••• A memorial for Nathan stands 100 yards from the NBS Industrial School, the world's first Wireless Radio Telephone™ station. Each year, on May 12th, a red rose from Clarissa is placed on the monument.
••• The peaches, apples, watermelons and other crops that Nathan Stubblefield grew on Teléph-on-délgreen, were not only a source of pride, but they all became part of the memory that held special a symbolism to the deaths of Ada and his 3 infant children. Franklin, 1884, Carrie, 1885, and Wm. Tesla, 1905. CLICK FOR MORE STORY AND 1907 PHOTO OF NBS FAMILY Teléph-on-délgreen AND MEMORIAL / CLICK FOR MORE MSU STORY.
••• THE MORAL TO THE STORY to those of us who disdain the deceptiveness and buffoonery of the early day telephony and the political world is that as tawdry as they are, Nathan's own obvious and distinct scientific jargon to describe his wireless system to the patent examiners, was exactly what they wanted to hear, before they tacitly motivating themselves to approve his "All-In-One Wireless Telephone™ patent, under the laws of 1887.
••• New tech terms like, moving vehicles, groundless loop aerials, mobile wireless telephones powered by either a dry or electrolytic batteries, deep-rooted the link to his 1898 induction coil patent. The gasoline and/or steam engines was used to power both, the moving vehicle and the alternators used to recharged batteries, was a plus.
••• Nathan defined Marconi, De Forest and the others, as the ushers for electricity generated from a basic non-continuous spark wallop, powered by a non-battery high voltage source, -- too dangerous to be portable enough to be called a "wireless telephone."
••• Their Tesla-type alternator, Nathan explained, was powered either by a water fall, such as the Niagara Falls, or by a coal burning steam engine, like the one used by Marconi in his 1901 first transatlantic dit-dah transmission of the letter "S." As for the Phelps and Conly coils patents, Nathan stated, "they were the fathers of a thought." The thought being a patent that was paragoned to a "now you see it . . . and now you don't" magic trick. The patent described something it could not do, create ground energy electromagnetic atmospheric transmissions.
••• As for the look of his mobile wireless unit, he'd say, "It's not pretty, and it won't fit in you pocket, but it's all we've got."CLICK TO Continued: Go To Book Review Part ONE For MORE STORY
CLICK FOR MORE PART 04 / - Electricity created by Earth Batteries. Wi-Fi borne.
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