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SAVVIS Communications (NASDAQ: SVVS.
In the event of an outage, says Amy Goodman, the SAVVIS network instantly reroutes data to ensure consistent flow with no downtime. SAVVIS maintains multiple DS-3/OC-3 circuits to each POP and three or more DS-3/OC-3 interconnects and multiple private peers at each of its PrivateNAPs.

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SAVVIS Communications (NASDAQ: SVVS)
is a global internetworking services provider, supporting Internet and managed IP e-business solutions in 43 countries. Its Financial XchangeTM services platform connects to more than 4,700 financial institutions, including 75 of the top 100 worldwide banks and 45 of the top 50 brokerage firms. Via SAVVIS' ATM/IP backbone, customers can choose end-to-end Quality of Service levels for each discrete application, as well as bundled pricing on a per-site basis.

SAVVIS's Internet access service is ranked superior in the industry, based on its PrivateNAPSM architecture. Keynote Systems, Inc., an independent ISP auditor, designated SAVVIS #1 or #2 for mean download time every quarter in 1999, and its packet loss has measured zero. SAVVIS offers Internet access from DSL up to OC-3, as well as security solutions, IP-VPNs, and Managed IP Solutions. The company provides excellent customer service, with 24x365 global monitoring from Network Operations Centers located in London, Singapore, and St. Louis, Mo..

Company History

Founded in 1995 as a national ISP, SAVVIS boasts not only the best performing network, but also the most predictable. The company's latency and packet loss statistics have been consistently validated by Boardwatch magazine and Keynote Systems, an independent ISP auditor. To deliver high-performance Internet service, SAVVIS pioneered the use of Private Network Access Points (Private NAPsSM), where SAVVIS exchanges data through dynamic "on-net" connections with other major Internet network providers. This dramatically minimizes latency and packet loss commonly associated with many other networks. SAVVIS uses fault-tolerant facilities and a fully-meshed network design to provide maximum reliability. In the event of an outage, the SAVVIS network instantly reroutes data to ensure consistent flow with no downtime. SAVVIS maintains multiple DS-3/OC-3 circuits to each POP and three or more DS-3/OC-3 interconnects and multiple private peers at each of its PrivateNAPs.

At its IPO on February 15, 2000, SAVVIS acquired and integrated the global network of its former parent company, BRIDGE Information Systems. Bridge, a leading financial information systems company, originally built this global network to insure the high-quality connectivity required for its real-time, mission-critical data. As a result of this integration, SAVVIS is now a global, highly scalable internetworking solutions provider, with three worldwide Network Operations Centers.


The SAVVIS network has been consistently rated #1 in the world by Keynote Systems, Inc., as reported in the Boardwatch Internet Backbone Performance Index, receiving eight of the 16 first place monthly rankings. SAVVIS swept the ratings in every category, including Best Download Time, Best Performance Under Load, Best Total Performance and Best Value on the Internet.

The SAVVIS SNA-2-XchangeTM product was named a "Best Of Show Award" finalist in the WAN services category at the Networld+Interop (N+I) 2000 tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV. The SAVVIS Global ProLink VPN with Quality of Service (QoS) feature won "Best Of Show" for WAN Services at the Networld + INTEROP (N+I) show in September, 1999.

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So, what is S90tv?

• S90TV -- is the sum and substance word for -- SMART90 and VATS. It is our goal to give the user, the "real thing" and those classic VATS "illusionary" visual tools -- that is meant to entertain your eyes, ears and nose, through the use of Video, Audio, Text and Scent.

• SMART90 - was named after the inventors of those wireless radio and sideband signal transmitters and receivers -- that put the pizzazz into the electromagnetic wave. Stubblefield, Marconi, Ambros Fleming, Reginald Fessenden, Tesla, DeForest, Alexanderson, Armstrong and Farnsworth. It was the SMART-DAAF boys that first demonstrated their devices to the U.S. Patent Office, Westinghouse, Bell, AT&T, RCA, NBC and David Sarnoff -- the E-way to earn E-money, with the electromagnetic wave -- without making preposterous claims.

• S90TV works best in real time! A SMART90 web site or web page is like most mechanical systems, they normally work well on historical data -- because they have been tested, and have been used by the web innovators to adjust and test their upgrades.

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