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Donald Trump, The Trump Organization
Donald Trump, Profile
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Feature Story - a small TV screen -- fits the big picture Donald Trump envisions for his continued success..
----- Donald Trump Uses Product Placement To Produce his hit show segments -- "The Apprentice" -- and Why Not, that's promotion in Motion.
----- Firms stand in line to team with "The Donald" -- to place their goods center stage 'The Apprentice'. Producer Mark Burnett says that all of the products used on the show -- "fits the show's business theme." This season on NBC's hit series "The Apprentice," the Donald has been sharing the spotlight with several other big names &emdash; brand names, that is.

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show, the timeline of Donald Trump during his high-rise to fame. Bottom Photo left -, TVI photos looking on. Above Photos shows Donald Trump Today and Yesterday. Marla Maple on book cover, a former HT Beauty winner. 1988 Life Magazine on Table.




































































































































About The Person Of The Week / TVI-67
Donald Trump
Founder and CEO of Amazon.com

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Feature Story -

"Images" - the small TV screen connected to a computer or inside a tv set -- fits the big picture Donald Trump envisions for his continued success in showing people how he makes big bucks, from anything that can be seen on the TV monitor.
----- The Donald is using the best of product placement techniques, ever invented, to produce -- "The Apprentice".
----- "And Why Not," says publisher/entertainer Troy Cory . . . "that's exactly what you are supposed to do . . . especially when you're both the star and also the producer . . . it's very effective. Look at what his good friend, Ron Rice, has done with his suntan lotion, Hawaiian Tropic and his beauty pageants performing within our "China Moon Concert" - series, during the last decade in the People Republic of China. It's a great thing . . . it's "promotion in motion."
In keeping with our "Images" theme,
we have selected the Gemini by birth, Donald Trump, as one of TVInews December 2004, Persons of the Week. His foresight and ability to make the right changes at the right time, has all added up to, what most conservatives would say, "a blessing from God". That is, he knows his Ps and Qs. He understands that you have to mix in a little "Divinity" with "Government Order".

Donald Trump's ability to market ideas,
uses candy in this week's segment, to show the viewer the Ps and Qs, on how to finance a TV program and introduce a new Mars candy bar.
----- Branded big name manufacturers are standing in line to team with "The Donald" -- to place their goods center stage on 'The Apprentice'. Producer Mark Burnett says that all of the products used on the show -- "fit the show's business theme."
-----This season on NBC's hit series "The Apprentice," the Donald has been sharing the spotlight with several other big names -- brand names, that is.
----- Beginning with the season premiere in September, when two teams battled to design a new toy for Mattel Inc., producers of the so-called reality show have regularly and seamlessly woven major advertisers into their story lines. Forget traditional product placement, when a bag of Tostitos or a box of Pop Tarts appears like a prop in the background of a TV show. On "The Apprentice," entire episodes have been built around Procter & Gamble Co.'s Crest Refreshing Vanilla Mint toothpaste, Levi Strauss & Co. denim jeans and Pepsi-Cola North America's Pepsi Edge.
----- What viewers aren't told is that companies are paying "product integration" fees of up to $2 million to put their goods center screen, plus in some cases hundreds of thousands more to buy ad time from NBC. That money buys them a large measure of control over how their products are portrayed. Company executives even appear on the show, which stars real estate mogul Donald Trump.
----- "The products have become the stars of the show," said Gary Ruskin, executive director of Commercial Alert, a Portland, Oregon-based nonprofit group that monitors "ad creep" into entertainment programming. "I wonder how Mr. Trump feels now that he's been upstaged by Crest?"
----- How much control do the show's corporate partners have? Just ask the folks at Mars Inc., whose new M-Azing candy bar is featured on tonight's episode. They say they nixed a suggestion from producers of "The Apprentice" to mimic the classic "I Love Lucy" episode in which Lucy and Ethel worked a speeded-up candy assembly line. The company feared the inevitably chaotic outcome would send the wrong message about the bar, which is filled with M&M bits.
----- "We have strict regulations and high quality standards," said Janis Smith-Gomez, vice president of marketing for Masterfoods USA, the snack food division of Mars. "That's what M&M candies are all about. It isn't some Lucille Ball-schlocky product."
----- Viewers tonight will see the show's five remaining contestants competing to make candies good enough to pass inspection by 10 Masterfoods quality-control officers.
----- In an era when networks and advertisers are becoming increasingly concerned about the threat of commercial-zapping digital recording devices such as TiVo, "The Apprentice's" blend of promotion and drama offers an alternative to 30-second spots.
----- Mark Burnett, the show's creator and executive producer, is seen as the king of this kind of blurring. In his CBS show "Survivor," hungry contestants competed for Pringles potato chips.
----- "It's an innovative, new, fun way of selling," said Burnett, whose production firm pockets the fees companies pay to get their products embedded in "The Apprentice."
----- A former British paratrooper who once hawked T-shirts on Venice Beach, Burnett disagrees with critics who say his show has morphed into a high-end infomercial.
----- "The show is entirely about entertainment," Burnett said, adding that instead of turning viewers off, the corporate presence bolsters the show's credibility." 'The Apprentice' is supposed to be about business, so it's very appropriate to have these big companies with name brands testing these young guns who want to make it big."
----- Each week, two teams of ambitious young competitors are assigned a task to test their ingenuity. At least one member of the losing team gets bumped from the show each week, when Trump says, "You're fired!" The winnowing comes to an end Dec. 16, when the surviving contestant will win a six-figure job working with the unabashedly self-promoting Trump. Although the show's ratings are down from last season's stunning numbers, "The Apprentice" remains one of TV's top hits.
----- In the first season, Burnett said, corporations didn't line up to participate in the show. "The Apprentice" contestants had to make do with low-tech tasks such as selling lemonade and operating rickshaws.
----- But when the program took off in the ratings, Burnett said, his phone began ringing.
----- Though some industry observers had predicted that product-focused plotlines would turn off sophisticated consumers, those worries appear to have been unfounded. NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly said viewers weren't complaining.
----- "We're a consuming society. Products are a part of our lives, so we can relate to them," Reilly said. "It's only when we put products out there in an awkward and clumsy way that it screams crass and commercialism."
----- For viewers and for advertisers, Reilly said, "it's a big win-win." He predicted, "All of the networks are going to be doing more of this as the business evolves."
----- So far, companies that have teamed with "The Apprentice" have been pleased with the results.
----- Mattel has put Morph Machines, the toy that "Apprentice" team members invented, into production. The toy is priced at $27.99 on the Toys R Us Web site. It is due on store shelves in January, said spokeswoman Sara Rosales. She called the show "a fabulous opportunity to highlight our talents and our Mattel brands."
----- Procter & Gamble, which launched its Crest Refreshing Vanilla Mint toothpaste on "The Apprentice" in September, said it received 800,000 hits on its Web site within two hours of the broadcast. About 40,000 viewers requested samples.
----- Pepsi-Cola North America also reported a jump in visitors to its Web site last week after an episode aired in which teams had to design a bottle and marketing campaign for a new soft drink, Pepsi Edge. The company is sponsoring a contest to win tickets to the show's finale in New York. Some entrants will get "limited-edition replicas" of the winning bottle.
----- "We're always trying to reach consumers in new and unique ways," said Lauren Hobart, director of diets and flavored colas. She noted that the bottle-design contest received additional airplay when Katie Couric did a segment on it the next morning on NBC's popular "Today" show. "We got good PR beyond the show."
----- Mars executives began discussions with "The Apprentice" producers last spring after getting a call from Burnett's company. Executives from the candy company's procurement, marketing and legal divisions met with Burnett's production team to kick around ideas. Both sides agreed that shooting inside a chocolate factory would make for good television. But Mars executives were reluctant to allow cameras inside their main factory near Chicago for fear of revealing production secrets.
----- Instead, Mars refurbished its "pilot plant" in Hackettstown, N.J., for the "Apprentice" segment, leaving only the equipment necessary to make the bars.
----- In June, the factory was "locked down" with limited access for M&M workers, who signed confidentiality agreements promising not to discuss the segment until it aired.
----- During the nearly 48 hours that Burnett's crews spent shooting in the factory, 24 people from the candy company's machinery, standards, ingredients and research and development divisions were on hand. If the M-Azing bars didn't pass muster, quality-control officers decreed, the "Apprentice" candidates couldn't sell them.
----- "There's a lot of time, research, energy, technology and science to produce the utmost in perfection in a chocolate bar," said Jeffrey Moran, a company spokesman.
----- Mars is counting on "The Apprentice" to deliver that message to its customers. "That's how you create brand evangelists," Moran said.

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Center Page / Profile


/Donald John Trump - Born June 14, 1946. Birthplace: New York, New York. Best Known As: New York real estate mogul who says "You're fired!" on his TV hit show "The Apprentice."
----- 1966 - After attending the Wharton business school, he joined the family real estate business. A self-promoting and flamboyant dealmaker, he was able to secure loans with minimal collateral in the free-wheeling 1980s and created an empire in real estate, casinos, sports, and transportation. Trump Shuttle (bought in 1989), he retained Trump Tower in New York City and control of his three casinos in Atlantic City.
----- By the 1970s had made himself a deal-maker in Manhattan, somehow getting city government and banks to finance his ambitious developments.
----- In 1977 Trump married model Ivana Zelnicek and had three children with his wife Ivana: Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric.
The Marriage ended in divorce in 1990.
----- In 1982 - he built the grandiose Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, and soon he moved into the casino business in New Jersey.
----- Outspoken and flamboyant, Trump was a favorite of the press, and his two marriages and subsequent divorces were regular tabloid.
----- (1988) - Book: The Art of the Deal, An accomplished author, Mr. Trump's first autobiography, The Art of the Deal, has become one of the most successful business best-sellers of all time, having sold in excess of three million copies, and being a New York Times number one best-seller for 32 weeks.
----- (1990) - Book: Surviving at the Top
----- By 1990, however, the effects of recession had left him unable to meet loan payments. Although he shored up his businesses with additional loans and postponed interest payments, mounting debt brought Trump to business bankruptcy and the brink of personal bankruptcy. Banks and bondholders lost hundreds of millions of dollars but opted to restructure his debt to avoid risking losing even more in a court fight.
----- -In 1990 Trump was suddenly on the skids, finding himself over $900 million in debt and facing bankruptcy.
----- In 1993 Trump was married to Marla Maples. They had one daughter, Tiffany.
------ By 1994, Trump had eliminated a huge portion of his $900 million personal debt and reduced substantially his nearly $3.5 billion in business debt. Forced to relinquish the Trump Shuttle (bought in 1989), he retained Trump Tower in New York City and control of his three casinos in Atlantic City.
----- (1997) - Book: The Art of the Comeback. The sequel, to Surviving at the Top, was on The New York Times best-seller list and was also a number one best-seller as was his first book, The Art of the Deal.
----- In 1998, the Trump International Hotel and Tower opened its doors to the world. This 52 story mixed&endash;use super luxury hotel and residential building is located on the crossroads of Manhattan's West Side, on Central Park West at Columbus Circle. It is designed by the world-famous architect, Philip Johnson, and has gotten the highest sales prices and rentals in the U.S. It is one of only three hotels in the United States that has received 5 Stars from Mobil for both the hotel and restaurant. It has also received the Five Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Services.
----- In 1999, Trump announced publicly about running for the U.S. presidency, then decided against it.
------ In June 2000, he received the Hotel and Real Estate Visionary of the Century, given by the UJA Federation, after the rebound -- he was again worth over a billion dollars.
-------In 2002, Trump purchased the fabled Delmonico Hotel, located at 59th Street and Park Avenue. It has been developed, into a state-of-the-art luxury 35 story condominium to be named Trump Park Avenue. It is Trump's desire to make this one of the most luxurious buildings ever built in New York City. The square foot prices of these apartments are setting new records. Another of Trump's new ventures in 2002 included the $600 million Trump Grande Ocean Resort and Residences in Miami Beach, Florida, in partnership with a large local development company, and a super-luxury 60 story condominium tower on the Las Vegas strip.
------ In 2003 Trump was named to the Benefactors Board of Directors by the Historical Society of Palm Beach County.
------ In the Spring of 2003, Mr. Trump partnered with NBC and executive producer Mark Burnett on "The Apprentice," reality drama that would feature Mr. Trump, members of his staff and many of his properties. In addition to hosting, he served as executive producer on the project.
----- (2004) - Book: How to Get Rich - The America We Deserve, Mr. Trump's fourth and most recent book, is a departure from his past literary efforts. This books deals with issues most important to the American people today and focuses on his views regarding American political, economic and social problems.
------In 2004, In January of 2004, NBC telecast the first of the television reality show, "The Apprentice." This quickly became the #1 new show on television, made history in ratings and has received great reviews. Few shows have garnered the worldwide attention of "The Apprentice."
------ 2004-05 Trump has signed to continue in this role for the 2004-05 television season.
----- His books include Trump: The Art of the Deal (1988),
----- Trump: Surviving at the Top (1990),
----- Trump: The Art of the Comeback (1997) and
----- Trump: How to Get Rich (2004).
----- In April of 2004, Trump announced his engagement to model Melania Knauss, a 33-year-old native of Slovenia.


ByLines: Editors Note
Donald Trump's name is synonymous
with New York and Florida's sunshine and beauty pageants, in fact that was where TVI magazine's publishers first met him, in 1996 at one of Ron Rice's Hawaiian Tropic functions. Trump married one of the Hawaiian Tropic Pageant winners, Marla Maples. Trump got his start in his father's New York real estate business, and fodder. (Trump was married to model Ivana Zelnicek Trump and had three children with his wife Ivana: Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric.
Other business tycoons of Trump's era selected as TVI's Person of the Week include Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Paul Allen and Jeff Bezos.

NBC: The Apprentice
Extra credit: Trump's nickname is "The Donald". Trump is famous for his objection to handshakes; a 1999 Time magazine article quoted him as saying "I think the handshake is barbaric. Shaking hands, you catch the flu, you catch this, you catch that, you catch all sorts of things." Another germophobic casino-owning billionaire was Howard Hughes.
A schoolboy's dream…a competitor's challenge. Donald J. Trump is the very definition of the American success story, continually setting the standards of excellence while expanding his interests in real estate, gaming, sports, and entertainment. He is the archetypal businessman &endash; a deal maker without peer and an ardent philanthropist.


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Josie Cory
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