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TVInews 106 - tviNews Events TVInews - 107 9TH ANNUAL SHANGHAI INTN'L FILM FESTIVAL CHINA's FIRST film festival. JUNE 17th TO 27th - A Bryan Lukas Report. / PHOTO IMAGES
03. 2005
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Dateline Shanghai China June 17, 2006 - A Bryan Lukas Report.
• • The Grand Opening of the Shanghai International Film Festivals Ninth Annual Red Carpet Ceremony at the Shanghai International Convention Center was a beautiful event with a strong representation by many major Chinese film stars attending as well as a cross section of US movie Stars and producers.
• •
In attendance were Liam Neeson, Arnold Kopelson, Ron Silver, Sigourney Weaver, Hugh Jackman, Andie MacDowell, Chinese Director Du Changwei and Jiang Wenli, Vivian Wu, Joan Chen and her two lovely daughters, Xu Jinglei.
• •
Many actors with films in competition attended Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue, Zhou Xun, Danial Wu, Huang Xiaoming from the heralded film The Banquet. The star studded evening event was broadcast live and covered across China by Shanghai TV. The highly charged event was seen live by millions of China's TV viewers. Several guest speakers who included the Vice Mayor Shanghai Mr. Yang Xiaodu as well as several prominent government officials spoke about the support SIFF receives from the local city of Shanghai and National government. SIFF is hosting over 4000 registered guests this year and over 800 registered journalists from China and overseas. And a group consisting of the Hong Kong Emperor Group included Jackie Chan, Joey Yung, and Man Cheuk Chiu. The highly acclaimed film ¡°The White Countess¡± was screened following the event.

Dateline Shanghai China June 18, 2006 - A Bryan Lukas Report.
• • Once again the SIFF out did itself at the Official Opening of the Shanghai Television Festival last night. With high tech Laser lighting, Huge projection screens intertwining film clips and amazing set designs, top notch dancers, acrobats, and sound systems. It was hard to compare to anything seen anywhere in the world. The musical talent of China¡¯s Superstars was displayed by Jackey Chen, Andy Lau, Liu Huan, Qin Hailus and Chen Derong. Multimedia forms of entertainment that were sheer perfection included ¡°Chinese Gonfu¡±, ¡°the World of Light¡±, and the acrobatic ¡°A big Surprise¡±. The overall event was a six hour live broadcast on China TV.
• •
A well prepared International Jury was selected this year to Judge the SIFF film contestants at the SIFF. President of the Jury, French Director, Sceenwriter and filmmaker Luc Besson and Vice President Chinese Director Feng Xiaogang head the group of film notables. Included on the prestigious panel are Duncan Kenworthy President of the ¡°Britain Film and TV Art Institute¡±, Spanish Director Manuel Gutierrez, Mexican Actor Diana Bracho, Korean Director Kyung-taek Kwak,Hong Kong Director Stanley Kwan, Chinese Director Xu Jinglei, and Italian Director Gabriele Salvatores. With an assortment of this years most talented works of art, the Jury will have difficult decisions to make in its rankings this year. CLICK FOR MORE STORY CENTER PAGE / CLICK FOR GOOGLE KudoAds.

Dateline Shanghai China June 19, 2006 - A Bryan Lukas Report.
• • A series of very informative series of symposium¡¯s have been presented at the SIFF this year. Various subjects have been approached including transitions of Hollywood and Shanghai as China is fast becoming a Mecca of opportunities for American film and TV companies.
• •
Such was the material recently covered in Master Producers with Their Successful Projects with Hong Kings producer Sze Nansun as the moderator of the illustrious panel. Several well known US producers such as Arnold Kopelson having produced some 29 features considered mass-scale of which 17 have been nominated for an Oscar including winning an Oscar, Golden Globe Award and Independent Spirit Award for Platoon.
• •
Kopelsun stated Chinese films should be made for a broader International audience and a well written screenplay is of maximum importance but the bottom line is the indicator of success. Furthermore without a bit of action and more complex plots Western audiences are not tuned into the common Chinese stories of people and interpersonal relationships.
• •
With these correct elements the globalization of Chinese Cinema can take place. Kopelsun invited Chinese companies to join the International market but urged the use of the English language. As well he suggested cooperation with International companies to attract outside investments and the integration of international stars to Chinese Cinema.
•• •
A good film does not require superstars or a high budget, he said. Another well known producer from England Sandy Lieberson weighed in on the subject matter to the audience of up and coming younger generation filmmakers. Lieberson said he has a high regard for Chinese features and that Chinese films have very appealing elements.

Dateline Shanghai China June 20, 2006 - A Bryan Lukas Report.
• • He agreed that Chinese filmmakers need to reach for broader international audiences in their quest for success. Lieberson a teacher of film for some ten years suggested the realm of low budget film as the best format for the budding directors.
• •
He said that although theatrical release was extremely difficult other avenues lay available such as DVD sales and the internet. Both agreed that what the filmmaker really requires is Passion above and beyond all else.
• •
Renowned Japanese actor and filmmakers appear for Tokyo Film Week Press Conference at the SIFF
• •
The Tokyo Film Week press conference was held at the Shanghai Film Art Center June 19. Well known actors in attendance Komaki Kurihara, and Director Hirtokazu Koreeda Nobody Knows , appeared for journalists.
• • Tokyo Film Week was broken down to three specific categories
• • 1)Kuriharas Films,
• •
2) Other Japanese Productions,
• •
3) New Japanese films. This is Kuriharas first participation in the SIFF but is well known to film buffs in China.
• •
She comments that film is the mirror of times and culture and believes the SIFF is a opportunity for intercultural communication. It is hoped audiences through these films will get to know Tokyo as well a Japan in a more positive way.

Dateline Shanghai China June 22, 2006 - A Bryan Lukas Report.
• • Last Night the The Annual 12th Shanghai TV Fest Closed with the presentation of the Magnolia Awards. The STVF ran for three days and included the TV program Competition, New Media Forum and International TV Market.
• •
Submissions this year were many with 365 films from over 40 countries. Jury members from Japan, China, South Korea, Israel, Holland, and America rewarded the best of the entries with the awards.
• •
The prestigious Grand Prix award for TV and Film Documenatry went to the English film " The Girl in the Cafe", and Guangxi TV stations "The Big Family". The Best Actor was Jeff Winstone, in "Sweeney Todd". Best Actress went to Emma Lung in "Stranded".

Dateline Shanghai China June 22, 2006 - A Bryan Lukas Report.
• • Best Social Documentary winner was Iranian "President Mir Quanbar. Best History & Biography Documentary went to "The Drama of Dresden". Best Nature Documentary went to "The Queen of Trees".
• •
Best Asian Documentary went to "The Cemetary Club". Best TV Film "Kefalonia 8th September". Best Director "Speer & Hitler- The Devils Architect. Best Screeplay "Comets". Jury's Grand Prix for TV Film "The Girl in the Cafe". Bryan Lukas

Dateline Shanghai China June 26, 2006 - A Bryan Lukas Report.
Shanghai International Film Festival German Entry 'Four Minutes' Wins Best Film
• •
From an impressive list of Seventeen film entries from 16 countries including Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Canada in competition for the Golden Goblet Awards a clear winner was named Friday night from the Crown Plaza Hotel ballroom SIFF awards ceremony.
• •
German director Chris Kraus's film went big this year as an International Jury of Film Aficionado's voted 'Four Minutes' Best Film. The screenplay revolves around a young musical genius turned killer in Hong Kong. The Jury citation proclaimed that the film "tells a difficult and emotional story on many levels, with excellent performances from the lead actors and interesting secondary characters." director Chris Kraus said, "I'm really moved," "The film, with a theme of love and hate, took us eight years to make. It was a hard job; I won't forget this honor."
• •
The Jury Grand Prix named 'The Forest Ranger,' and cited the film "creates a striking and memorable portrayal of village life in the mountains. The story centers on a story about three rangers who protect the country's woodlands," Director Qi Jian of China was overwhelmed by the award
• •
Actor Els Dottermans won best actress and Hugo van Laere won best screenplay for the Belgian film 'Love Belongs to Everyone, A movie that describes the rehabilitation of a mentally impaired man who is jailed for raping a minor.
• •
French Director Fabienne Godet's, 'Burnt Out" whose story is about a man dealing with deep tragedy was voted Best Director and Best Actor. The Jury praised "her skill at mixing a strong, emotional story with believability and achieving a reality". It also commented Oliver Gourmet winner of Best Actor who played the role of a middle-aged father showed "enormous subtlety and restraint while holding the screen audience when doing little."
• •
Karl Jenkins' score for the New Zealand picture 'River Queen' won best music. Click to Continue

Dateline Shanghai China June 26, 2006 - (continued)
The best cinematography award went to Fabio Cianchetti for the Italian film 'The Land'.
• •
The film, directed by Bui Thac Chuyen "The Silent Holy Stones" won the Best Film for the New Asian Talent Award, yet Chuyen said,"There are still some mistakes in my film. With the prize money I can make a better one."
• •
The Jury Prix went to China's,"Trouble Makers", by Cao Baoping,
• •
The Best Director award went to Wanma-Caidan of China for his film 'Living in Fear, based on the Land mine digger (Tay Dao Min). The story is about an ex-South Vie tnamese soldier discriminated against after the liberation, and earning his living by risking his life every day clearing landmines from the countryside of Vietnam. The Jury cited "The film vividly portrays the wounds left by the Vietnam War on the daily life of Vietnamese people, full of unspeakable pressure and anxiety," "The unique subject matter also gets maximum exposure through the director's powerful control of cinematography," it said.
• •
The evening's ceremonies came to a close after Legend Actor Catherine Deneuve was given an award for "Outstanding Lifetime Achievement". Ms. Deneuve said." "It is a great honor to me," "But I want to share it with Qin Yi, a great Chinese actress and artist," she said as Qin handed her the award. Ms. Deneuve also stated that "Twenty years ago I came to Shanghai for the first time, but today I just can't recognize the city," she said.
• •
Shanghai Film Festival Grosses Big This years 9th Annual Shanghai International Film Festival ticket sales reached a record (US$990,000) 7.92 million Yuan at the box office representing an increase of 13 percent from last year. Some 52 countries and regions provided over 200 films for Chinese moviegoers to see. Mass ticket sales from 20 to 60 Yuan were provided, by mobile phone, via the Internet and at convenience stores. There were 40 opportunities for the public to meet the stars at the festival this year. - Bryan Lukas, TVI Asia News Director











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June 17th to - 25th FILMFEST CHINA

• • According to the organizers, says TVI's Asian news director, Bryan Lukas, who will be on hand throughout the show, the STV Film Festival, commences on June 11 and ends on the 19th, awarding the "Jin Jue" (Golden Goblet) Award. The show will also feature more public events, as it once did in 1988 and 1990, when the show included foreign performers, and The Troy Cory Show. Troy, now the head of VRA TelePlay Pictures, -- was featured during the live televison broadcast throughout China. Troy's stage performance, along with film star, Joey Adams and the Brooke Sisters were all part of the week long public stage event held in the original 20,000 seat Shanghai Stadium.
• •
Local Shanghai residents are in for a feast of glamor and stars when the conbined Shanghai TV Festival, and th 9th Shanghai International Film Festival comes to town on June 17th. The Film competition portion of the show is the only Category A international film festival in China. The Shanghai TV Festival, is the largest TV festival in Asia, and a first for China. It has been featured every other year since 1886.
• •
"Accordingly, the festival will honor two Chinese film artists who have had a big influence on Chinese movies, and an exhibition of classic Chinese films and movie posters will also be held."
• •
Seven top filmmakers, including two Chinese, will be invited as judges.
• •
During the festival, around 200 officially selected movies from home and abroad, including competition films, will be screened at 17 local cinemas. The Shanghai Film Art Center will be the main festival venue.
• • Besides, an international TV forum, focusing on China's TV industry, and the International Radio, Film and TV Exhibition will highlight the event.
• •
"The audiences will have an opportunity to see some excellent competition works on local channels," said Li Ruigang, president of the Shanghai Media Group.
• •
In fact, with the city opening up further, locals are now able to see more Hollywood blockbusters at the same time as the films' global premiere.


• •
Shanghai is China's largest city - nearly 14 million people - and is one of three centrally administered cities in the country, the other two being Peking and Tianjin. It is also one of China's most important industrial and cultural centres, being host to the international Shanghai Television Festival. In 1988, there were more than 40 universities, colleges and higher educational institutions and 200 scientific research institutes, 46 professional theatrical companies and film industry. Its industrial output includes steel, machinery, shipbuilding, textiles, food processing, petrochemicals and fertilizers, cameras, radio and television.
• •
To most foreigners Shanghai conjures up stories of adventurous exaggeration, for it was a dynamic, violent and colorful city. Most of the European style quarters of the old International Settlement and the French Concession areas are now part of the most modern city in the world. The growth of Shanghai can be credited to Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin. President Zemin is pictured above with Troy Cory in 1988 at the Shanghai TV Festival. The Troy Cory Show, (Joey Lauren Adams) -- was the first American entertainment group to perform in China -- after the cultural revolution (1966-1976) came to an absolute end. Troy Cory was recently honored for his Harbin, China concert performances, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Michael Antonovich, Mayor of the LA County. MORE STORY - French, British and American Settlements

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