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"Cry Baby Soca" - Troy Cory / Ambros Seelos

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Author: Troy Cory; Gene Bambic, #943493-SO86;
Publisher: Stubblefield Publishing
VRA CD: Luv Came & Got Me - CD#: 2304-25 S086

About this Recording - - Cry Baby Soca This Troy Cory big
band recording is just one of the unique now available to
the Troy Cory fan. This song was written and performed by
Troy Cory. Recorded in Munich, Germany and featured in the
TV Series now seen non stop 24 hours per day on
lookradio.com. The big band sound of Ambros Seelos is
always part of Troy's best recordings. Troy's backup
performers, The Brooke Sisters - Tina Kincaid, Leslie
Sandoval and Josie Cory and the orchestral big band sound of Ambros Seelos.
Lyrics To Sign Along With
3min 15sec
Darling, Darling Dance With Me
Just Like You Used To Do.
Darling, Darling Romance With Me
I'm So In Love With You... ( G-ooo ...)
Darling, Darling ( G-§ Hold Me Close
With A Love That Will Never Depart X)
Darling, Darling ( G-§ Dance With Me
We'll Dance The X) I Love You Waltz.
Instrumentai, Bridge
Darling, Come Take A Chance With Me
Let's Dance Cheek To Cheek Once More.
Instrumental Bridge
Darling, Darling Dance With Me
We'll Dance The I Love You Waltz.
Instrumenal Bridge
Hm ... Hm... Hm ... ( Girls Continue To Hum As Troy Speaks)
( T-darling, First Time You Took A Chance With Me. Oh Darling, 1 Love You So. Our Love Will Never Depart. )
Darling, Darling, Dance With Me
We'll Dance The I Love You Waltz ... Hm ... Hm ... Hm ...
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Monday, April 23 11:32 a.m.
With the battling over digital-music distribution and royalties still at a
fever pitch, the online legal activists at The Electronic Frontier
Foundation are promoting what they call a middle-of-the-road solution.
On Saturday at the New York Music & Internet Expo, EFF introduced an
"open audio license," an electronic text tag inserted into the digital code
of a song that provides information about the song's author, contact
information and copyright policies. If an artist uses the new (O) tag, it
basically gives music listeners an automatic permission slip to do some
of the things that normally require the express written consent of the
copyright holder, such as copying and distributing music on Napster,
performing or broadcasting the works in public royalty free and adapting
the music for sampling.
With the contact information embedded in the songs, users are
encouraged to send artists payment on their own. It's the digital
equivalent of the Grateful Dead approach to letting fans tape and swap
music in order to help their concerts sell-outs. The EFF hopes this new
alternative to the royalty and permission system fosters the spread of
music across the Net, without the need to trouble lawyers. But with such a system, would musicians even need copyright at all? "No lawyer would
ever tell someone to give up copyright," says Robin Gross, attorney for
the EFF, who says that the system still can protect artists from having
their music pirated by rivals who could then claim copyright protection for it. Taking a page from Napster, the EFF wants to collect songs from artists using the open audio license, which the group would then host on its Web site.
Josie Cory.

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